Email ID Wrong In the account

October 14, 2014 1.1k views


I dont know how the email id got verified i didnt verified the email id

I have got a typo in the email id
the current email id that i have on the account is myemail@gmail.coom

so now i am not able to get passwords of the droplets that i create nor i am able to see the reply to support tickets
Please Guide what can i do

1 Answer


If you are able to login to your DigitalOcean account, you can view and reply to support tickets directly through the web interface here: https://cloud.digitalocean.com/support

Just open a ticket, and the team will be able to sort everything out for you. If you can't access your account at all, you can email contact@digitalocean.com to reach the support team. You will need to verify your account information.

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