Failed login attempts to powered off droplet

May 30, 2016 1.5k views
Security DigitalOcean Networking CentOS

It makes perfect sense that there will be failed login attempts due to the prevalence of automated hacking attempts. What does not make sense is how there can be failed login attempts when the droplet is powered off.

I am using key based authentication only and have been running shutdown as root. The droplet console confirms this as I later have to power on the droplet. Once the droplet is powered on, I ssh in only to see that there have been failed login attempts during the time that it is powered off.

What could account for this?

1 Answer

Possibly that the time in the log file is not in the time zone you are thinking of.

  • Thank you, but it is the same. Moreover the system was powered off for the entire time, so regardless of the time zone setting there should not be login attempts to a machine that is not powered.

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