firefox can't connect to my email box.

February 19, 2015 1.5k views

I have installed mail server successfully on my vps according to
I create user joe with passwd “ps1” with root successfully.
When i lgoin into my vps , can sent and receive email via postfix and dovecot .
There two passwords here for joe : one is for joe to login into vps ,one is for joe to enter the email .
which one will i fill in the password in thunderbird?I tried tow of them ,all failures.

Why can’t connect my mail on my vps via thunderbird locally?

1 Answer

What error messages does Thunderbird give you when you try to connect?

If the error message says something similar to timed out or connection refused a firewall may be blocking the connection, if there’s a firewall either on your local network or on the droplet, try disabling them and try to connect.

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