Have I been Hacked? secure.adnxs.com JS link on my WP site...

February 12, 2015 11.2k views

So, I saw some strange (empty/blocked) popup on my website yesterday... So I deactivated all unneeded plugins from WP and the pop up is gone now...

But, ABP still sees some stuff from https://secure.adnxs.com/seg?add=1986008&t=2 with an image called seg.gif

I'm sure I didn't do this... Can anyone identify it as a known virus/theme/plugin?

I use Vantage with AIOSEO, ContactForm7, GMaps, MetaSlider, Wordfence and Siteorigin widget and pagebuilder.

Website: www . rincon (DELETE THIS) olon .com (since google indexes this forum higher than my website...)

Thanks for any help!

3 Answers

Are you serving any ads on your site? AdNexus (ADNXS) is an ad server. The gif seems to be some kind of tracking pixel. My guess would be that this is being added by one of the plugins you are using. I'd suggest doing an audit of your plugins. Ghostery doesn't currently report any tracking software on your site.

Nope, no ads...

Must be one of the plugins.... but it's not like I have that many running (see post above)

Disable plugins and check again, you need to discard is a plugin issue.
Restore your theme files, and even your WP files if nothing changes.

Backup, backup, backup...

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