How can I install Proxmox 3.0 on VPS? Is it possible to change kernel? Switch default kernel to Proxmox modified kernel

June 14, 2013 7.5k views
I have an account on I have created a debian wheezy droplet. I installed proxmox 3.0 manually via command line. At the end of installation I restarted the server but again it used default kernel. I want to use Proxmox customized kernel but I couldn't change. Also I rewrite grub files to change and chose kernel but again nothing changed. I wonder that is it possible to install proxmox on VPS or not? If possible, how can I restart VPS with proxmox kernel (PVE)? Thanks...
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It's not possible to run a custom kernel at the moment. We're working on that and have an internal beta which will be available to customers soon.

anything new about this?

  • Our virtualization platform requires the same kernel to be running on both the droplet and on the hypervisor. You can set the kernel in the DigitalOcean control panel under Setting > Kernel If you need to use a custom kernel, please open a support ticket and the team can import it and make it available for you.

I have the same problem!!

Right now proxmox is working ! I installed it with the official sources although I just struggle with the bridge network at the moment

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