How to download a tarball from

March 30, 2014 3.5k views
I am trying to install golang by tarball on my server, which is located in San Francisco. The problem is i am getting this weird response from ...

Request not allowed from your country That’s all we know. ... Has anybody else encountered this problem? Whats the solution for this (please no proxying)?

2 Answers
I'm suggesting you to download it on your computer and then connect with an sftp client and upload it :)

Report IPs that don’t work here:
However, it may take ages for them to do anything, if at all.
Can anyone at Digital Ocean help?

  • Hi! We’ve reached out to Google regarding this issue. Unfortunately, their geoip database seems not to be up to date and doesn’t currently recognize our London servers’ correct location. Hopefully they will resolve this soon. In the mean time, downloading the file from locally and then copying it to the server is your best work around.

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