how to resize droplet without losing data??

January 7, 2015 2.7k views

i need to move from 10$ to 5 $
Its a wordpress site with less than 200 Mb data.

1 Answer

Regarding downgrading a droplet, check this ->

But if its only a wordpress website, in that case, follow the wordpress guide.

  1. Backup Database
  2. Backup wp_config.php (for FTP and database details)
  3. Backup the WordPress content directory via FTP.
  4. Take a snapshot of the droplet in DO.
  5. Delete the droplet
  6. Immediately deploy another 512 MB droplet in same region. (this should retain the previous IP)
  7. Install server back end (unless you have deployed the DO pre configured WordPress) and WordPress.
  8. Restore the required details from previous wp_config.php (DB / FTP details)
  9. Restore the Database
  10. replace the backed up wp content directory in new droplet.

This should get the website running again.

Ref ->

by Brook Shelley
Downsize your Droplet with minimal downtime
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