Image Upload functionality not working on my droplet

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Hello Team,

I am facing image upload issue in php on my droplet.
I am trying to upload simple image on specific folder, but image dosen't move.
When i execute

It retruns true that means upload folder is writable even after that still image not uploaded on that folder

When i execute
$path = '/var/www/html/StagingServer/project-name/front-design/images/upload/';

It returns false.
So can you please help on this

Thanks and regards
Ruchit Patel

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  • Did you also get a warning message when you called move_uploaded_file()? If no message appeared, then most likely your temporary file (or your current working directory) is the problem.

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Hello Team
There is no message appeared, so what can I do now. Can you please give me helpful suggestions as soon as possible..

Thanks and regards
Ruchit patel

Hello Team,
Finally, I got the solution of my problem, i will post here which is very useful to others developers

-----------Permission to root folder for image upload issue in ubantu14----------

Execute below command
1) ps aux | grep apache
2) groups www-data
3) chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/
4) chmod -R 775 /var/www/
5) usermod -a -G www-data {YOURUSERNAME}
WARNING! dont forget -a switch! this way you append new group to existing list and not replace old groups list with new one.
Now you have read/write access to files located in apache root dir. And we need to tell apache that new files should be readable/writable to group members
6) echo umask 002 >> /etc/apache2/envvars
7) service apache2 restart

Thanks and regards
Ruchit Patel

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