Images in buckets (spaces) taking too long to load

July 27, 2018 996 views
Block Storage Ubuntu 16.04

On one page i’m getting about 8 images using the bucket (Spaces) and it takes about a minute to load (actual time). Without the images it’s much faster.

I’m using laravel’s Storage library to get the images.

$url = Storage::disk('do_spaces')->url($path);

<img src=" {{ $url }}" />

Can anyone point out why it’s taking so long for the images to load?

1 Answer

Hello friend!

That’s definitely not ideal. I think in this case it might be a good idea to open a ticket and give the direct URL to a few of these images that are taking so long to load, so that we can test from our side. I’m assuming that these images are reasonably compressed and not just so large that it makes sense for them to load slowly.

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