Block Storage

A block storage service functions like a hard drive provided over the network. Developers can use block storage services to store files, combine multiple devices into a RAID array, or configure a database to write directly to the block storage device.

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Flexible and scalable data storage is a baseline requirement for most applications and services being developed today...

Brian Boucheron • Published on August 18, 2017

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    • Question

      Shared Network Storage

      I was wondering if there is a way to setup a non-droplet shared network storage. IE: an NFS storage that I can mount to 1 or more droplets.
      1 answer9 days agoBy keiichi25BackupsBlock StorageCentOS 8Networking
    • Question

      server storage is filledup

      Hi Digital Ocean. I am hosting my website on a droplet. I tried to compress my files to take a backup of files on another server but unfortunatily i was not able to do that because server storage was full and was not ...
      1 answer28 days agoBy Carlos GarciaApplicationsBlock Storage
    • Question

      Missing connection by port 29333

      Dear support team, I am not familiar with the technical terms and therefore I am not sure, if I picked the right category.Since some weeks I have problems to synchronize my blockchain places with Platin Coin. The supp...
      1 answer1 month agoBy GordanaBlock Storage
    • Tutorial

      How To Move a MySQL Data Directory to a New Location on Ubuntu 20.04

      Whether you’re adding more space for data or evaluating ways to optimize database performance, this tutorial will guide you through relocating MySQL’s data directory.
      2 months agoBy Melissa Anderson, Jeanelle HorcasitasBlock StorageMySQLStorageUbuntuUbuntu 20.04
    • Question

      extending root partition / adding blcok storage to /home.

      Hi, is there a way of adding disk space to / or /home?
      1 answer2 months agoBy Ben EdwardsBlock Storage
    • Question

      The block storage volume is mounted but not working

      as you can see that the block volume is mounted correctly: Filesystem Type Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on udev devtmpfs 2.0G 0 2.0G 0% /dev tmpfs tmpfs 395M 656K 394M 1% /run /dev/vda1 ext4 78G 67G 11G 87% / tmpfs tm...
      1 answer3 months agoBy Nour AbidBlock StorageDigitalOcean VolumesWordPress
    • Question

      How to expand existing droplet storage for same drive.

      The explanation of how to add block storage says the process adds a new “drive”. But I want to expand an existing droplet’s storage (currently 25GB) to 50GB - on the same drive. I’m running InfluxDB and don’t see how ...
      2 answers3 months agoBy Michael LavelleBlock Storage
    • Question

      PVC is in pending state forever

      Hi, I created a PVC on a digitalocean k8s cluster and it was attached to a droplet when I applied the yaml file. I deleted it using kubectl delete -f <path-to-yaml> but when I tried to apply the file again with kubect...
      1 answer3 months agoBy Tanmay DasBlock StorageDigitalOcean Managed KubernetesKubernetes
    • Question

      Set the desired number of Inodes in volumeClaimTemplate

      I followed How to Add Block Storage Volumes to Kubernetes Clusters . Unfortunately my application is very Inodes-hungry so I run out of Inodes very quickly. Can the Inode limit be set in a similar way I can set the si...
      No answers yet3 months agoBy BubblyTealEelBlock StorageDigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes
    • Question

      Build a full node

      Hello, i want to build the private full node binance smart chain. Someone or maybe you have build the private full node from digital ocean. have recommendation about specs i need try? thanks.
      1 answer4 months agoBy dandifandes@gmail.comBlock StorageCloud Computing
    • Question

      Unable to attach or mount volumes

      Unable to attach or mount volumes: unmounted volumes=[code], unattached volumes=[code kube-api-access-fkxm9]: timed out waiting for the condition Attach failed for volume “pvc” : Attach timeout for volume Error from s...
      1 answer5 months agoBy prikiNginxPHPUbuntu 16.04Block StorageKubernetes
    • Question

      after update keeps using default datadir

      since upgrading from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04 mysql keeps using its default datadir any idea’s what needs changing now ?
      2 answers5 months agoBy MasterCATZUbuntuMySQLUbuntu 16.04Block StorageStorage
    • Question

      How do I increase the Volume limit? I destroyed my original droplets

      I’m back to square one with no droplets because I destroyed them all, yet I cant create a new droplet with 250 gb because i have exceeded the volume limit evenn though I destroyed them.
      1 answer6 months agoBy brisketsteakllcDigitalOcean DropletsBlock Storage
    • Tutorial

      How To Move an Nginx Web Root to a New Location on Ubuntu 20.04

      On Ubuntu, by default, the Nginx web server stores its documents in /var/www/html, which is typically located on the root filesystem with the rest of the operating system. Sometimes, though, it’s helpful to move the d...
      6 months agoBy Melissa Anderson, Alex GarnettBlock StorageNginxStorageUbuntuUbuntu 20.04
    • Question

      Is the storage that comes with a Droplet persistent?

      Kinda new so I don’t know the exact terminology here, but on GCP the term “persistent” is used to describe storage that remains untouched even after the VM is turned off/rebooted, whereas “local” is used to describe s...
      Accepted Answer: Hi there, The storage with the DigitalOcean Droplets is persistent. If you reboot your server you will not lose any of the files stored on the Droplet. Hope that this helps.Best,Bobby
      1 answer6 months agoBy rd08doBlock StorageStorageDigitalOcean Droplets
    • Question

      How to deploy webpack-ed static content while container image is build, e. g. after npm build was run

      Hello!I am new to DigitalOcean, and yet I was able to finally got working my experimental app just in few hours (mostly due to unexpected limitation of dev databases to only Postgres while I was planning to use MongoD...
      No answers yet7 months agoBy koteisaevBlock StorageStorageObject Storage
    • Question

      How to transfer root system volume /dev/vda1 to /dev/sda (LVM)

      How to transfer root system volume /dev/vda1 to /dev/sda (LVM). Im trying to increase my system. I use cpanel wehere I have many websites and I need more storage. I know it is not possible to merge vda and sda but it ...
      1 answer7 months agoBy arendusCentOS 8CentOSArch LinuxLinux BasicsBlock StorageStorageApache
    • Question

      my website is not working please check the hosting side

      my website is not working please check the hosting side
      1 answer7 months agoBy thuynguyenpkcBlock Storage
    • Question

      block storage not working well

      I created a volume. mounted… mnt/ … via Rsync I send files, but after a while it hangs without showing me any errors… Is there a way to fix this ??
      2 answers8 months agoBy stubfeedBlock Storage
    • Question

      Cant access server via ssh or cyberpanel

      I can not access my website (wordpress). I suspect that storage got full from the backups cyberpanel was creating and somehow cyberpanel crushed or something. (i resized today to 80GB) but I still cant access my digit...
      2 answers8 months agoBy pmuukaLinux BasicsCentOSApacheServer OptimizationBlock StorageInitial Server Setup