Is it possible to upload a 19 GB video file to DO Spaces using Cyberduck?

April 26, 2019 299 views
DigitalOcean Object Storage

A costumer of mine was trying to send me a 19GB file over Amazon S3, but we found there is a 5GB for a limit for single PUT. So instead of using amazon s3 directly I was reading the Digital Ocean Spaces docs and it does not say explicitly but it kind of lets you think you can upload very big files (it does not say how big) using a third-party client or the DigitalOcean API such as Cyberduck. So can i upload a 19 GB file to Spaces using Cyberduck / Transmit?

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The maximum size is 50TB according to the answer here:

It also suggests that you should use the S3 API and multipart upload for large files.

Hope that this helps!

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