Object Storage

Object Storage is a data storage architecture that manages data as objects, instead of as a file hierarchy or blocks.

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      Secure Share and Collaborate Files from DigitalOcean Spaces with Fine Access Control and Single Sign-On.
      5 days agoBy NandaApplicationsDigitalOcean DropletsObject StorageDigitalOcean 1-Click Apps MarketplaceSecurityDigitalOcean Spaces
    • Question

      When cancel subscription, how the bill will be prorated hourly?

      I have a question about the $5 Space plan; I would like to know exactly how I will be charged if I cancel my subscription?As mentioned on Spaces overview: If you cancel your subscription by destroying all your Spaces,...
      2 answers14 days agoBy sixdaystudioObject StorageDigitalOcean Spaces
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      Support for open source projects

      Is there any discount plan for open source projects on Digital Ocean?
      1 answer1 month agoBy LuckeeDevDatabasesObject StorageOpen Source
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      How to point custom domain to DigitalOcean without changing NameServers (NOT DROPLET)

      Hello everyone,I have DigitalOcean Spaces storage, and I’d like to point my domain to it. However, my domain is by default pointed to my website, and I’d like to have the CDN under cdn.mydomain.com . My domain already...
      1 answer2 months agoBy SmallDarkCyanClamDNSNetworkingObject Storage
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      Does App Platform to Spaces upload count as Outbound Traffic?

      If my backend service is running on App Platform, and it uploads files to a Spaces object storage instance, will that count against my App’s outbound transfer limit? I know if I was using, say, S3 it probably would. B...
      2 answers5 months agoBy trebabcockDigitalOcean App PlatformDigitalOcean SpacesObject Storage
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      How to deploy webpack-ed static content while container image is build, e. g. after npm build was run

      Hello!I am new to DigitalOcean, and yet I was able to finally got working my experimental app just in few hours (mostly due to unexpected limitation of dev databases to only Postgres while I was planning to use MongoD...
      No answers yet6 months agoBy koteisaevBlock StorageStorageObject Storage
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      Randomly lost connection to all spaces

      Without changing anything, I no longer am able to access any of my spaces and receive errors : ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED UnknownEndpoint: Inaccessible host I have not changed anything regarding configurations so I am a bi...
      1 answer7 months agoBy novosel991APIDatabasesObject Storage
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      django admin static files are collected to spaces but my project static files aren't.. how can i upload my project static files?

      i followed this tutorial https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-a-scalable-django-app-with-digitalocean-managed-databases-and-spaces when i run “collectstatic”, only my admin static files gets ...
      No answers yet8 months agoBy doyinceasarDigitalOcean SpacesDjangoObject StorageUbuntu 20.04
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      Spaces copyObject with aws-sdk: InvalidBucketName Error

      I want to copy file. This works perfectly fine, and spits out a list of all files in my space: s3.listObjects({Bucket: "lospec"}, function(err, data) {}); This code on the other hand: s3.copyObject({ Bucket: "lospec",...
      1 answer8 months agoBy skeddtempDigitalOcean SpacesObject Storage
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      How do I create a Space using the Digital Ocean API?

      In the Digital Ocean API reference I see information on creating a CDN endpoint, but not for actually creating a Space (Object Storage Solution). Is this the same thing? If not, can someone point me to the correct doc...
      Accepted Answer: I think you are better of using the Amazon S3 SDK https://docs.digitalocean.com/products/spaces/resources/s3-sdk-examples/ . They do show at https://docs.digitalocean.com/reference/api/spaces-api/ how a bucket using a...
      1 answer9 months agoBy StefanObject Storage
    • Question

      Minimum storage duration for Spaces Object Storage

      Is there any minimum storage duration and cost associated with Spaces Object Storage? For example, I upload and delete 250 GB of data daily than would I be charged $5/month?
      Accepted Answer: Hello @utsavm , Yes, thats still $5. As long as the data doesn’t exceed 250GB, the users will be charged $5 for it. Hope this helps! Cheers,Sri Charan
      1 answer9 months agoBy utsavmDigitalOcean SpacesStorageObject StorageBilling
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      What are the limitations of digital ocean apps?

      I’m trying to rewrite how my site works, but not sure how if I should use digital oceans new apps feature. Do the apps have storage? Does the storage get cleared when the code gets redeployed? Is there any way to acce...
      Accepted Answer: The filesystem for apps gets cleared with each deploy. Also, if an app is scaled to multiple instances, each instance has it’s own filesystem. If the app needs files to persist between deploys, or be accessible to mul...
      1 answer9 months agoBy skeddtempBuilding on DigitalOceanDigitalOceanDigitalOcean 1-Click Apps MarketplaceObject StorageDigitalOcean SpacesDigitalOcean VolumesDigitalOcean App Platform
    • Question

      Should I use droplets, volumes or spaces?

      I currently have a web server, which does everything. I would like to split it among different services to lighten the load: main web server (db, html generation) CDN for js, css, images, downloads (some may need to b...
      2 answers9 months agoBy skeddtempDigitalOceanBlock StorageDigitalOcean VolumesDigitalOcean SpacesCDNServer OptimizationObject Storage
    • Question

      Can I use NextCloud with Space Object Storage as external disk?

      I would like to know if I can use Space Object Storage as external disk for NextCloud or if it is better to use Volume Block Storage?
      1 answer9 months agoBy douglasbernardessouzaObject StorageStorage
    • Question

      Accessing file uploaded via Django forms.Form DO App Platform with Spaces

      Dear All, I’m struggling migrating my web app from a Droplet to the app platform. I have a buzzing Django app hosted on DO Droplet (Ubuntu 18 + Gunicorn + Nginx). My aim is to migrate the whole thing to the App platfo...
      1 answer10 months agoBy Maciek KokotDjangoDigitalOcean App PlatformDigitalOcean SpacesObject StorageStorage
    • Question

      I want to Upload File having space in file name

      Hello All, I need to Upload File With Space in its name but it throws the error.
      1 answer10 months agoBy MacademicSolutionLLPObject Storage
    • Tutorial

      How To Store WordPress Assets on DigitalOcean Spaces

      DigitalOcean Spaces Sync offers direct compatibility with DigitalOcean Spaces. You can use it to connect your media library to your Space, and it offers options for storing your items on your server and Space, or on y...
      10 months agoBy Kathleen JuellSolutionsDigitalOceanObject StorageWordPress
    • Tutorial

      How To Automate Backups with DigitalOcean Spaces

      Backing up important data is an essential part of managing any computer infrastructure. In this tutorial, we will build a script around the s3cmd command line tool which can be used to quickly upload data to DigitalOc...
      11 months agoBy Sebastian CanevariBackupsObject StorageDigitalOceanSolutions
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      How to setup a server with multiple dynamic storage units

      Hi there,I’m want to make a small project of my own by trying to make a service like Google Drive/Dropbox.My focus on the client side is a mobile app, so I need to know (in general) how can I make the infrastructure n...
      1 answer1 year agoBy eitana131Block StorageObject StorageStorage
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      Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at

      Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at https://fra1.digitaloceanspaces.com/ … (Reason: CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ missing). Hello! I tried to solve...
      No answers yet1 year agoBy gabzdev90ReactObject Storage