Issue With Hosting Multiple Sites. VestaCP

Posted May 19, 2017 6.8k views
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Hi everyone, I am facing issue on hosting multiple sites on VestaCP panel. I dont know what the issues. The first site is working fine, but the second isnt. I havet setup any virtual hosts in Apache2 i dont know if they are required with VestaCP or not.

Here is the error in browser.

In my domain, which is at Godaddy, only has nameservers in it of Cloudflare.

Here are my cloudflare settings.

And here are my VestaCP settings

I dont know whats wrong, Can you guys please help me out?

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6 answers is not a DigitalOcean IP address.

Yes i know sorry, for posting question that is not relevant to DigitalOcean, i just need a quick help other forums reply very late. But if its against rules, remove my thread.


Have you added as a domain to VestaCP? You’ll need to add each domain that you want VestaCP to manage – Web => Add Domain.

That said, when accessing the domain now, I see “” powered by Vesta, so I take it you were able to get things working :-).

Thank you @jtittle for replying, yes everything is done and now the domain seems to be working fine and its pointed. But now there is a new problem i uploaded backup of my site and now i am getting this error, i have no clue what this is. Before the backup the VestaCP default index.html was working fine on the domain
Can you please have a look at this

May be i have ssl on my domain thats why this issues coming or what? please someone help me out @jtittle


With CloudFlare + SSL, in most cases, you need to head to the Crypto tab and make sure the first drop down box is set to Full (Strict).

If that doesn’t fix the issue, you’d need to check the your error logs to see if there’s an indication of what may be causing the issue(s) you’re having.

Generally, for Apache, the error logs are in:


… and for NGINX, they are in:


I’m not 100% sure if that’s where Vesta stores the logs as it’s been a while since I’ve used it, but that’s the default locations.

You’d want to run tail on the error logs to pull the last X lines from the logs. For example, if we wanted the last 20 lines of the NGINX error log (and NGINX is installed, of course), we’d run:

tail -20 /var/log/nginx/error.log

From there, you’d take a look at what the error log is showing to be problematic, and work to resolve that issue. Sometimes it’s a simple fix, sometimes it’s permissions related, sometimes it’s more complex. Generally, however, the error log will allow you to diagnose the issue in greater detail.

It’s important to keep in mind, a control panel is simply an overlay to what you’d normally need to do from the CLI. It’s not a complete replacement for the CLI and you still need to know how to manage, secure, and troubleshoot a web server / server environment, and potentially even OS-level issues.

A control panel can’t and won’t do these things for you. I say this as a general statement – it’s what I tell pretty much everyone who runs a control panel, whether they’re a DigitalOcean customer or not. That doesn’t matter to me :-). I like DigitalOcean and I think you would too, but I simply try to help where I can.