Tools and tips for users as they build and maintain software, including information on writing and revising code, prototyping, researching, and modifying problematic components.

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    • Tutorial

      How To Use the JavaScript Developer Console

      This tutorial will go over how to work with the Console in JavaScript within the context of a browser, and provide an overview of other built-in development tools you may use as part of your web development process.
      7 days agoBy Lisa TagliaferriJavaScriptDevelopment
    • Tutorial

      How to Test a React App with Jest and React Testing Library

      Obtaining solid test coverage is imperative for building confidence in your web application. In this tutorial, you will test asynchronous code and interactions in a sample project containing various UI elements. You w...
      17 days agoBy Alyssa HollandDevelopmentReactJavaScript
    • Tutorial

      Getting Started With Angular Using the Angular CLI

      Angular is a popular JavaScript framework that creates interactive web, mobile, and desktop applications. The Angular CLI simplifies the process of getting started with Angular. This tutorial covers building an Angula...
      20 days agoBy PaulHallidayAngularHTMLCSSTypeScriptDevelopmentJavaScript
    • Tutorial

      How To Set Up a React Project with Vite

      This tutorial will scaffold a new React App using the Vite tool, which is a lightweight alternative to Create React App. You will create a basic app with a new component, CSS, and an image file, and prepare an optimiz...
      21 days agoBy tamal DevelopmentJavaScriptReact
    • Tutorial

      How To Install PHP 8.1 and Set Up a Local Development Environment on Ubuntu 22.04

      PHP is a popular server scripting language known for creating dynamic and interactive web pages. Getting up and running with your language of choice is the first step in learning to program. This tutorial will guide y...
      22 days agoBy Jamon CamissoDevelopmentPHPUbuntu 22.04
    • Tutorial

      How To Use Migrations to Create and Manage Database Tables in Laravel

      In this guide, you’ll create a database migration to set up the table where you’ll save the application links. In order to do that, you’ll use the Artisan command-line tool that comes with Laravel by default. At the e...
      27 days agoBy Erika HeidiLaravelPHPDatabasesPHP FrameworksDevelopment
    • Tutorial

      How To Create a Database Model in Laravel with Eloquent

      Eloquent is an object relational mapper (ORM) included by default within Laravel applications. It facilitates the task of interacting with database tables, providing an object-oriented approach to inserting, updating,...
      27 days agoBy Erika HeidiLaravelPHPPHP FrameworksDatabasesDevelopment
    • Tutorial

      How to Use One-to-Many Database Relationships with Flask-SQLAlchemy

      In this tutorial, you’ll build a small blogging system that demonstrates how to build one-to-many relationships using the Flask-SQLAlchemy extension. You’ll have a relationship between posts and comments, where each b...
      27 days agoBy Abdelhadi DyouriDatabasesDevelopmentFlaskPythonPython Frameworks
    • Tutorial

      How To Set Up Shiny Server on Ubuntu 20.04

      Shiny is an R package that allows you to convert your R code into interactive webpages. You can use Shiny Server with Shiny to host and manage Shiny applications and interactive R markdown documents.
      28 days agoBy finidApplicationsData AnalysisDevelopmentOpen Source
    • Tutorial

      How To Build and Install Go Programs

      In Go, distributing or deploying your application requires you to build your code into a shareable binary executable. To do this, you can use the Go toolchain to build and install your program. In this tutorial, you w...
      30 days agoBy Gopher GuidesGoDevelopment
    • Tutorial

      How To Make HTTP Requests in Go

      In this tutorial, you will create a program that makes several types of HTTP requests to an HTTP server. First, you will make a GET request using the default Go HTTP client. Then, you will enhance your program to make...
      30 days agoBy Kristin DavidsonGoDevelopment
    • Tutorial

      How To Install Django and Set Up a Development Environment on Ubuntu 22.04

      Django is a free and open-source web framework written in Python with its core principles being scalability, re-usability and rapid development. In this tutorial, we will set up a Django environment for development pu...
      30 days agoBy Lisa Tagliaferri, Tony TranDevelopmentDjangoPython FrameworksUbuntu 22.04
    • Tutorial

      How To Install the Anaconda Python Distribution on Ubuntu 22.04

      This tutorial will guide you through installing the Python 3 version of Anaconda on an Ubuntu 22.04 server. Anaconda is an open-source package manager, environment manager, and distribution of the Python and R program...
      30 days agoBy Lisa Tagliaferri, Tony TranData AnalysisDevelopmentMachine LearningPythonUbuntu 22.04
    • Tutorial

      How To Install Python 3 and Set Up a Programming Environment on Ubuntu 22.04

      This tutorial will get your Ubuntu 22.04 server set up with a Python 3 programming environment. Programming on a server has many advantages and supports collaboration across development projects. The general principle...
      1 month agoBy Alex GarnettDevelopmentPythonUbuntuUbuntu 22.04Interactive
    • Tutorial

      How To Use Web APIs in PHP 8.0

      In this tutorial, you’ll leverage the power of APIs in a basic web application that will retrieve, transform, and display data from the OpenWeather Map API. You’ll build a client for a RESTful API using HTTP POST and ...
      1 month agoBy Mauro ChojrinAPIDevelopmentPHP
    • Tutorial

      How To Read and Write CSV Files in Node.js Using Node-CSV

      In this tutorial, you will read a CSV file using Node.js streams, move data parsed from the CSV file into a SQLite database, retrieve it from the database, and write it to a CSV file.
      1 month agoBy Stanley UliliNode.jsDevelopmentSQLite
    • Tutorial

      How To Make an HTTP Server in Go

      In this tutorial, you will create an HTTP server using Go’s standard library and then expand your server to read data from the request’s query string, the body, and form data. You’ll also update your program to respon...
      1 month agoBy Kristin DavidsonDevelopmentGo
    • Tutorial

      How To Secure Your Django Application with a Content Security Policy

      Websites use various services, styles, scripts, and images to load and render content, and the browser will execute all of it. Using a Content Security Policy (CSP) can help ensure that users are protected from malici...
      1 month agoBy Ari BirnbaumDevelopmentDjangoPython FrameworksSecurity
    • Question

      Droplet to help develop mobile apps?

      Hi, I am legally blind and I wish to develop a mobile app. I have a software engineering background, desktop based. I have very little mobile dev knowledge. My question is does DigitalOcean have a 1-click droplet to h...
      1 answer2 months agoBy DougDevelopment
    • Tutorial

      How To Install Python 3 and Set Up a Programming Environment on an Ubuntu 20.04 Server

      This tutorial will get your Ubuntu 20.04 server set up with a Python 3 programming environment. Programming on a server has many advantages and supports collaboration across development projects. The general principle...
      2 months agoBy Lisa TagliaferriPythonUbuntu 20.04UbuntuDevelopment