Kubernetes roadmap - Will PVCs supporting ReadWriteMany be delivered in 2019

April 28, 2019 265 views

Would a DigitalOcean blob post please be written detailing the Kubernetes roadmap for 2019/20, specifically the priority order in which DO plan to release features.

I my case: I need to know when/if Kubernetes PVC's will soon (2019) support access modes ReadWriteMany and ReadOnlyMany as these two are rather critical to horizontal scaling without having to monkey around with NFS nodes.

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Great question. At the moment we do not have any plans for a storage volume that could be mounted simultaneously to multiple droplets, which I believe is the underlying function behind your question. This is mostly about the limitations of a block device on a system and not specifically a product feature awaiting implementation. While I cannot say for sure that we will never release a type of managed storage that could serve that function, a direct block device (think of it like a USB drive) is unlikely to ever fit that need.

While you could use StatefulSets to create a scaled deployment where each replicate has it's own PVC, the data replication would still be a separate issue to solve.

I highly recommend considering an alternate type storage for such a task. Something like object storage (Spaces) will be far better suited to having multiple systems read/write from/to it at the same time. Another team member suggested that this might be a helpful path, but we've neither success nor failure stories to share with it: https://github.com/gluster/gluster-kubernetes


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