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March 3, 2018 5.9k views
Apache Ubuntu 16.04

I can’t upload files over 1MB. I’ve checked in php.ini and the settings there say maximum upload size is 16 MB. So there appears to be something else limiting upload size. Please advise as the 1 MB limit makes the droplet unusable for my intended use.

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  • I’ve now added one file to the media library - size 537 KB. But I can’t add another as maximum upload is now 0B!!! Is there a setting somewhere to allocate more space to the media library?

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Can you provide a bit more information. Unfortunately what you’ve shared is not enough to determine what’s occurring.

1.) How are you uploading files? SFTP? A web app?
2.) If this is a website are you using a platform like WordPress? Is it a PHP site? A Rails site?

Since WordPress on LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) is the most common stack I’ll address that here:

PHP has some fairly small default max filesize settings for uploads. This can be changed by editing your php.ini file. On Ubuntu this file can be found in /etc/php7-0/php.ini

In this file there are two directives you will want to change to increase the upload size:

maxpostsize - This tells php what the largest request it will accept as a POST. This is the method used when uploading files so it will need to be set larger than the largest file you plan to upload.

uploadmaxfilesize - This is more specific and refers to the maximum size for any file that is uploaded using php.

Once these two settings are changed you will need to restart Apache service apache2 restart for the changes to take effect.

  • I’m using a pre-configured Wordpress droplet, and I’ve already increased the allowable download size in php.ini from 16 MB to 24 MB, but that has had no effect. I’m trying to upload files using the Wordpress uploader. I have found a way round the problem using the plugin “Upload Max Filesize” but I would like to know what setting is needed to achieve this without a plugin.

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