Multiple droplets one one domain? For scaling?

Posted March 17, 2013 7.4k views
Hi, I would just like to know if you can link multiple droplets together to host one domain (including it's subdomains). And if it's possible how would I go about doing that? P.S which is better, 2 512mb droplets or 1 1gb droplet? Thanks again, Francis

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If by "link" you mean having multiple droplets serving the same website, then that's certainly possible. There are a few tutorials on scaling droplets to meet your needs, and there can be a few more.

And to answer your question about 1 1gb droplet vs 2 512mb droplets, it depends on your exact needs. Giving more information about exactly what you plan to do (and how you want to scale) will assist someone in answering that question.
What I was planning to do is similar to what Google does, but on a much smaller scale.
Google uses clusters of servers and a load balancing program to determine which one to send users to. I would like to achieve something similar on a much much smaller scale. (I could write the load balancing program myself.)
Thanks for the reply by the way.
The easiest solution would be to use nginx load balancing. Digital Ocean already has a good tutorial on how to set that up here:
by Etel Sverdlov
This article covers how to set up a simple load balancer on a DigitalOcean droplet with nginx. The tutorial covers setting up a round robin loadbalancer that can then direct site visitors to one of a set of IPs
Most likely 2 512m servers could serve more requests than 1 1g server. You have twice the CPU to play with.

However, you would likely want a 3rd server to load balance the other two... making it hard to compare.

For simplicty, stick with 1 server.. until you get up in the 40-80 server range, then think about splitting.