Newbie question - stucked in the creation

October 3, 2014 1.2k views

Just created an account here, and created a droplet with Ubuntu.
The installation is finished, but what now ?
When I login to the root - all I see is the "command prompt" - where is the GUI ?

2 Answers

It's a server, there is no GUI.

How do I install web, php and MySQL. I was thinking all these was "auto" installed...

  • Hi,

    I am also a newbie here, I came from a cPanel based webhost, where I had a web based control panel to add domains, create data base or install wordpress or such..

    Here you get everything unmanaged so you have to do everything by your self..

    Yes, you need apache, MySQL or such..

    For instance, I choose a control panel, like cPanel (which is paid software), I choose a free software, zPanel.. It does everything for me..

    It installs, Apache, mysql, ftp, or mail services !!!

    Once done, you can use the web based GUI to add your domain and start working on your website installation !!


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