One person - two accounts

November 6, 2017 1.1k views
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Is it permitted to log into two accounts from one IP address? And is it permitted to manage two accounts from one computer?
I have an account with activated Student GitHub Developer Pack. My friend from my University also have an account. And we just want to implement the project together.

Or maybe is it possible to activate more than one Student GitHub Developer Pack in one account?

1 Answer

It is not possible to use the Student GitHub Developer Pack more than once on a single account as it is meant for new users only.

The best way to collaborate on a project, is to create a team. You can keep your personal resources separate but also have shared resources that you can both use. For all the info on teams on DigitalOcean, check out:

by Brennen Bearnes
Teams are now available from DigitalOcean! This feature enables you to invite multiple users to access and manage your resources, such as Droplets, without having to share your own login credentials or billing information with them. Teams are recommended for project leaders and business owners who want to share control of server infrastructure with trusted collaborators, such as developers and system administrators.
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