Pause kubernetes cluster - billing price

Posted July 22, 2021 286 views

I’m not sure if this question is already asked, but I need a way to pause kubernetes cluster from DO billing it, while the cluster is in idle state.

For example, I’ve created this month kubernetes cluster with multiple nodes for playground purpose only, and I’m switching on that cluster from time to time for learning stuff only, but the monthly bill increasing everyday, even I don’t use it.

I don’t like to destroy the full cluster, but to pause without charging it, while is it in idle state.

BR, Igor

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I remember reading somewhere that you can’t have a DOKS cluster with zero nodes. So the best you can do is reduce your cluster size down to one node of the cheapest type.

Other options:

  • If it’s just a playground, you could run and test Kubernetes locally until you really can make use of an always-on cluster.
  • Could you do what you’re doing with something other than kubernetes. Function as a service (Lambda / Azure Functions)?
  • I’m just trying to make kubernetes cluster with pulumi, kafka, service per feature etc… just regular microservices stuff to learn and understand more, so it’s not problem about the monthly price i pay, just i don’t like that when i’m not working it’s charging me, and because this is more like hobby learning and can’t put much effort in single month i still paying like the cluster was busy for full month.

    Currently I’m not buying new PC in a while, so I can’t do much with 8GB of ram, even I’m using WSL2 on Windows 10, which gives me performance boost for dev, but not that much, when k8s runs multiple nodes, deployments, services etc…

    Again 0 nodes don’t help me, because my existing working project, I like to extend to level when I upgrade k8s with service mesh, which by default it’s massive about system resources.