Perpetual "Your event is processing..."

February 17, 2014 6.2k views
My droplet was not responding to pings and I requested for a power cycle through the management console. However, ever since then I'm getting a perpetual "Your event is processing" page whenever I load my droplet; I'm stuck!
6 Answers
When I try to power off my droplet or perform any action on it via the API, I receive the following error:

status: "ERROR",
error_message: "Droplet There is already a pending event for the droplet",
message: "Droplet There is already a pending event for the droplet"
I snooped around the HTML of the page and found the event ID. Querying the API, I get the following response:

status: "OK",
event: {
action_status: "done",
droplet_id: 1164874,
event_type_id: 20,
id: 16592923,
percentage: "100"

Why am I still stuck?!
Having the same issue. Droplet on AMS2 region. Ticket #193987 has been opened. No response for now.
Please open up a support ticket if you're still experiencing this.
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