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Posted February 15, 2013 21.1k views
How do I purchase additional IP addresses. I am setting up a cPanel/WHM and need to have additional IP addresses.

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There is no way of purchasing additional IP addresses.
Unfortunately due to the limited amount of IPv4 space available globally we will not be introducing multiple IPv4 addresses on a single droplet.
  • But I bet you’ll sell us another droplet with one of those limited IP addresses… ;)

    • wouldn’t an IP cost about the same as one of the 5$ droplets? from a business stand point it it even makes sense to get the droplet and use the 20GB of extra storage you’ll get :)

      • Unfortunately, it doesn’t, because of the added maintenance burden of having an additional virtual server when all you want is another IP address for an SSL website. :(

Just as a side-note, for those with cPanel/WHM - after speaking with one of their developers, it's most likely going to be the third quarter of 2013 before SNI makes its way in (no guarantees), so if you're needing extra IP's for SSL certificates, it's going to be a while. DO is great, but I wish this wasn't a limitation (primarily due to the below).

IPv6 is planned, but IPv6 is, sadly, effectively useless until everyone can make use of and access it and to do that, ISP's need to step up and start showing some initiative as most ISP's haven't rolled out IPv6 capabilities or updated their customers with newer modems that are capable of accessing it.

I know it's due to limitations Moisey, though so many data centers are freely more than happy to give them out, as long as there's 100% justification. I know it can be a pain, though IPv6 isn't widely supported and SNI isn't fully supported at all.
The good news is that the IPv4 space in the US is going to run out in the next 1 year most likely, after that everyone will be updating. =]
  • Hardly good news and your prediction is wrong… IP’s are still “plentiful” and cheap unlike predictions ARIN, Ripe, APNIC having been working due diligently to free up ranges.

    Why Can’t you simply justify the right for additional IP Addresses charge a premium and so on.

  • This comment did not age well…

    [Sent from my ipv4-only network]

Great sense of houmor raiyu, this is actually a solution! :)
So everyone else manages additional IP. Linode offer $1 per month!

Even tho CPanel enable shared IP, it is not advised main host shares, so really want minimum 2. Seperate droplets for DNSonly solves the nameserver issue, but not server management.

Please offer viable solution DO. Enough folk are asking, without a clear response other than 'we don't do it'.
Why do so many of you insist on using a second IP ***on the same machine*** for your secondary DNS? This is a complete waste of a good IP.

There are a few limited country TLDs that have require multiple IPs or multiple subnets for your DNS servers, but if you're just going to add an IP to the same machine, just point both to the same IP. You're not getting any additional redundancy, and you're just using up another IP.

That being said, I think it's a huge limitation (for -legitimate- purposes) that Digital Ocean doesn't allow multiple IPs-per-droplet.

There are many reasons why same droplet may need second IP.
One of them is installation of stun servers like the following.

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