Resized droplet, Can I get the storage I am paying for?

Posted March 15, 2013 12.3k views
I resized my droplet yesterday from the $5 to $10 plan. The $10 plan comes with 30GB of storage. Is there a way I can extend my droplets drive to 30GB (without purposefully wiping it, of course)?

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Love paying for things that I don’t get. It’s been almost a year and a half and no progress on what seems like a simple feature. One of the primary reasons I signed up with Digital Ocean is that I could upgrade my droplet as I needed resources. Meanwhile, I’ll be looking for a better host.

  • You can snapshot your droplet, destroy it, and re-create it so your disk is correctly resized. This way you will get what you are paying for :)

  • People on this thread are not stupid. We all know that’s an “option,” but you can’t seriously think that’s a legitimate option for a truly serious company. Pretty much every other hosting solution has this “feature.”

I’ve migrated to . they offer this feature! recommend taking a look for anyone disappointed with Digitaloceans progress and their obvious lack of customer support (You can snapshot your droplet, destroy it, and re-create it so your disk is correctly resized. This way you will get what you are paying for :))

The migrate resize feature which resizes the drive should be available next week which will extend the drive and update your available space.
you can also make a snapshot, destroy your current droplet, and rebuild it with the image at the larger size. It only takes a few minutes and it should keep the same IP address. I've done it successfully several times to deal with this until DO gets the new feature in place.
Raiyu, you mentioned the migrate resize feature should be available by now. Do you have any updates on the progress of that feature?

I'd also like to hear about this.

Migrate-resize will be enabled soon but there are a few things on the roadmap of higher priority than migrate-resize. Meanwhile, you can take a snapshot of your droplet and spin up a larger droplet off of that snapshot.
"you can also make a snapshot, destroy your current droplet"
A snapshot is tied to a droplet it seems. I am unable to import a snapshot into another droplet.
@gyorgy.chityil: Snapshots aren't tied to droplets, your snapshots can be found under the 'Images' tab while creating a new droplet.
Thx, yep just found another thread on this :)
Any real solution coming soon? I can't rely on "you may" get the same IP.
To guarantee the same IP, please open up a ticket. They can reserve the IP to you.
That resize HD option would be really nice...
@cwabbott: We are working on bringing Migrate-Resize back. Until then, you can resize your droplet's disk space by taking a snapshot of your droplet and creating a new droplet off of that snapshot.
How much longer before the migrate-resize will be back?

I noticed I don't get any comment emails when you guys reply, that might be a feature to add if it isn't currently available.

I would also like to see this option.
Throwing in my vote for this. If only to not have to play roulette with the auto-ip restore.
Any chance this is on the horizon? I see the original post for this saying it will be available next week was written over a year ago. Would LOVE to throw in my vote to get this feature running smooth. It would also be REALLY cool to allow us to easily downsize the droplet. Sometimes websites expect really high traffic for a short period of time. It would be really cool to allow us to even increase the RAM/CPU with a quick re size for a week or a month, then bring it back to a normal size for normal traffic.

I have a friend using Amazon web services who can do this. He was on shark tank for his website/app and being able to dynamically resize his server saved their business and he made $20,000,000 over the following 5 weeks due to the extra traffic from the TV show. Obviously that's a huge incentive. They also boost the server every time the show airs a re run of that episode.

Hopefully something for the horizon! Thanks guys!
What is the deal with this. It's over a year... Do I really need to close my account to make a point?
The fast resize option doesn't change the size of the storage, but you can still accomplish this using snapshots. Take a snapshot of the droplet and then destroy it. Then create a new, larger droplet with the snapshot as the base image. If you do this in the same region as the other, you will almost always receive the same ip address.

Wow, I actually can’t believe the “progress” on this thread. Kind of feel this is one of the most basic “features” for a scalable cloud solution. Haven’t looked into linode. Got some free DigitalOcean as part of TechStars, but might have to migrate to linode now.

So, i have to wait one hour, for slightly increase size of my droplet, not good

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