Solr and Tomcat Connection Hangs Forever

November 17, 2014 2.4k views


I'am trying to login Solr admin for “pointro” droplet. via :8080/solr but it hangs no response at all. So is any firewall setup present?

Because at first install, everything worked, but now suddenly stopped.

I follow this steps descibed in this document;

What is the workaround?

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  • Just discovered, tomcat running on tcp6,
    netstat -tapen | grep “:8080”

    But other spawed foreman processes (i.e puma) running on tcp? Is that diff cause this issue?

1 Answer

That is a fairly common problem. By default, Tomcat will prefer the IPv6 address. You’ll need to force it to use IPv4 by setting in your JAVA_OPTS

You can add those values to JAVA_OPTS in the file /etc/default/tomcat7 and the restart Tomcat with: sudo service tomcat7 restart

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