The requested URL /info.php was not found on this server

October 27, 2014 60.9k views

I create info.php as per the tutorial which is given in DIGITALOCEAN, but when i trying to access that file at that time "The requested URL /info.php was not found on this server", so what can i do know ?

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  • I had the same problem and solution is change the path of info.php as

    sudo mv /var/www/FILENAME.php /var/www/html

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What version of Ubuntu are you running? Can you post a link to the tutorial that you followed?

On newer versions of Ubuntu, the document root is set to /var/www/html instead of /var/www. You might have followed an old tutorial which was written for Ubuntu 12.04. If /var/www/html exists, try moving info.php to it.

  • Hello Kamaln7
    Thanks for that. I got it, previously i create info.php in ./var/www/ but as per your suggestion i copied that file and move to /var/www/html. Now its work

  • Thank you soooo much kamaln7, that fucking error was irritating me from 2 days, thank you soo much again. You save me..!

How do you move it?

  • Moving Files

    Directory: $ cd /var/www/
    Command: $ mv info.php html

    In the browser, enter yourip/info.php and good.

it still didn't work I am going to delete that server.


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