There is a London datacenter, how to ensure data stored on a droplet stays in the UK - i.e. is not backed up or stored outside the UK

September 16, 2016 2.5k views
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I’m thinking of using your services but for my client need to be able to assure him all data will be held in the UK, and will never be held outside the UK

I see you have a London-based datacenter, is there a setting that would prevent any backups, mirroring etc being held outside the UK?


Dave Kilroy

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ryanpq MOD September 16, 2016
Accepted Answer

Currently with a droplet in the LON1 data center with backups enabled, an encrypted copy of your backup images are stored for redundancy in off-site locations in the EU. We are investigating ensuring these images remain in the UK after the UK leaves the EU but don’t have any further information to share on that yet. Otherwise the data from your droplet is all stored within the UK.

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