Unusual php file in my all websites

October 31, 2016 1.2k views
Security CentOS

I have a file called q.php that has appeared in all my websites hosted in the same server. Does anyone know what the file does?

I noticed this when I got an email from incident@cert-in.org.in.

The email says:

Dear Sir/Madam,

CERT-In is tracking defacement of Indian websites on regular basis.

We have found that the website "example.com" hosted on IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx has been defaced on 30.09.2016 by the hacker group "Aris Dot ID".

The URL of the defaced website is:


Content of q.php file:

I deleted the file from all my websites. But I am not sure what extra security should I implement for this.

1 Answer

It seems that you’ve been hacked.
But lucky you, it was not a “bad” hacker, he just added a file as a proof that he was there.
You should check your firewall, change your ssh password, disable ftp if you don’t need it, look at any server side scripts if there is updates, and updates any softwares that you are using.

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