Using digital ocean DNS to point to another NS

September 28, 2014 2.2k views

I have a large amount of clients that have their DNS pointing to / /

Is there any downside of changing the NS in digitalocean to point to cloudflare's nameservers??

2 Answers

Replacing DigitalOcean's NS records with CloudFlare's in the DigitalOcean DNS manager shouldn't cause any issues. Though unless I'm missing something, it sounds like using DigitalOcean's DNS manager is an unnecessary step. We simply proved the tools to manage DNS from our control panel as a convenience. There is no requirement to use it. If you're going to manage DNS through CloudFlare, you could simply skip using the DigitalOcean DNS manager all together and add their NS records in the domain registrar's panel.

If you could add some more context, we might be able to help you better.

some of our clients have their domains registered elsewhere and cannot access their accounts to change NS. as long as there is no negative affects by using DO's DNS Manager to point to cloudflare then that is all I need. Thanks asb.

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