We are locked out of our account because I am an idiot and can not remember the email address associated with my account...

February 14, 2018 1.2k views
DigitalOcean Billing


We have HUGE issue, and so far Digital Ocean support has not been helpful. Hopefully someone in the community may be able to help us out. I have large scale consumer website that is no longer in business, however we spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars developing the platform. This entire project may be erased in a blink of an eye if I am unable to make a payment on the droplet. *I unfortunately forgot the email address associated with this droplet. I literally tried every email that I have access to. *

I contacted DO, they asked for the payment info associated with the account (Paypal). I was able to provide the last few transaction ID’s which they told me allowed them to find the account associated with the droplet. However, they said they needed a copy of me holding my driver’s license. I also provided this, then they said the license was a bit bury and to provide them a separate image of this. I complied, and sent a new image. Then suddenly they closed the ticket. I opened a new ticket (this was now the 3rd one referencing this issue) referencing the old ticket number and explained to them the situation once again. I sent everything over again. They acknowledged this 3rd ticket and said someone would be in touch. That was a week ago, I have messaged them several times, but no one is getting back in touch with me. If anyone has any resources or contacts to help me out, I would be so very appreciative.

Thank you!
Paul DiCesare

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So you have a 100k+ USD project and you don’t use a password manager or make backups?

  • So yep, that’s the case.. thanks for your helpful response.

    • Why can’t you go through all your email addresses’ inboxes to find the DO email?

      • I went through every email account that I have access to and I do not have any record of digital ocean verifying the address, at least not for this droplet. I have been trying for weeks.

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