What happens if i set two different name servers ? Do the domain check for DNS Entries on both Nameserver ?

Posted October 16, 2015 39.2k views

Say like i set 4 nameservers from my domain panel
2 for digital ocean and 2 for some another provider

and suppose
DNS entry for is on name server of Digital Ocean and
DNS entry for is on another name server

and if a visitors visits to and

So will he point to the correct entries based on both DNS entries on two different name servers ?

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No. While some DNS clients will go for the primary DNS server first you cannot be certain of which order your DNS servers will be queried in and generally only one of your DNS servers will be used for any particular request. With this being the case, if a request for were to hit your DigitalOcean DNS zone and find that name does not exist it would simply return an error. If you are using multiple DNS providers for your domain you need to make sure that the records are synced between them and remain identical.

  • So does this means that I can use two different nameservers if I can manage to sync data between them?

    • It does. If they get out of sync though different users may receive different data when they attempt to resolve your records.

      • Hi Ryan,

        I have a related question.

        If I set four nameservers for my domain, two from Provider A and two from Provider B, and manually set all the DNS records on all of them to be identical, what could cause them to become out of sync?

        Basically what I’m trying to do is add some off-site DNS for my current domain without replacing my registrars nameservers, but want to make sure I don’t accidentally break the name resolution in the process.