What is a majority of user's favourite region?

Posted May 16, 2015 6.5k views

I have a droplet I use for various small websites and I was curious to know, what’s the best region for download/upload speeds?

I often see AMS1 having capacity issues, or at least some choices of droplet size being faded out, and assumed it’s because people like AMS1 that much.

At the moment, my current droplet is in LON1, and the speeds are okay but I wanted to know what region most of DO’s customers prefer?

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1 answer

I think it depends on your visitor location profile.. Closer location would offer better speed..

  • Well, my websites are for global access, and I’m not rich enough to deploy servers all around the regions as a CDN.

  • I guess to serve mixed audience of global territory, London is not a bad place to be in.

    I wont change the location, unless you are having any specific problem with it.

  • I have no problem, it’s just that the speedtests links for AMS1, 2 and 3 tend to hit my maximum download speed in the blink of an eye, where as LON1 take a short jump then slowly makes it way up to the maximum speed.

  • It is because may be you are close to Netherlands or rather your ISP has better connectivity with Netherlands.. But then again as your web site would serve visitors from around the globe so the issue may not be same with everyone !!

  • I live in Manchester in the UK, so it’s further away from AMS1, 2 and 3. But it is a possibility that my ISP has a more optimized connection between the 2 countries.

  • Do a trace route of the IPs from your local system, check the number of hopes it takes to reach each of those two server you are testing with presently !!

    That may give you some clear idea on the network !!