What would I pay for the small $5 droplet I use it for 15 days with a traffic of 1TB?

Posted January 30, 2020 3k views

My question is very simple. In the small, $5 droplet, I have 1TB for 1 month. If I have the droplet running for only 15 days and use 1TB, I will be charged for an excess of 500GB. But, if I keep the server running the rest of the month I will have to pay nothing for bandwidth excess. Is this correct or am I missing something?


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The concept is correct. The allocation of bandwidth allowance is based on the hours the Droplet is active ( meaning created/existing, which is apart from powered on or powered off state ) on the account.

Because the actual hourly accrual is less than 30 days ( based on a 672 hourly cap for the Droplet itself ), the exact math results in 15 days being slightly more than 500GB but overall that is the correct idea. If the Droplet is destroyed before the full 1TB is accrued within a month, any excess outbound public traffic is billable at the bandwidth rate.

Keep in mind that if you have more than one Droplet, the total allocation of bandwidth allowance is increased for the account, so the bandwidth might not be billed if the other Droplets have a net positive amount of allowed bandwidth transfer pool for the account.

The accrual and billing is outlined here for reference:

  • Thank you for your answer.
    I do understand how it works. Still I think it is a little weird that if I only have one droplet and it is up fo 15 days with a bandwidth usage of 1TB, it is cheaper to keep it up (created) the rest of the month (I would pay just $5) than to destroy it, in which case I would pay $2.5 + $5 for the excess bandwidth (500GB * 0.01).