When I use multi-site Wordpress on a droplet with two domains, adding a site redirects to the other domain's wp-signup.php.

August 6, 2014 6.4k views

As in the title, I have two domains on my droplet. I can create sub-sites on the first with no problems, but when I create a sub-site and then try to go to it, I’m redirected here instead:


Additionally the signup page isn’t what should load once I’ve created the site via Network Admin–it should go directly to the new site instead. Creating sub-sites on site1 works fine using this approach; I add a site via Network Admin, then can immediately go to it with no problems.

Any ideas on this? The .htaccess file for each site was copied directly from the Wordpress Network Admin settings, as was the chunk of the wp-config.php file for each.

Here is my breakdown of the DNS info:


A: @ / IP
A: site1.com /IP
CNAME: www /@


A: @ / IP
A: site2.com / IP
CNAME: www / @
CNAME: * / @

Any thoughts on what could cause this?

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It sounds like this might be an issue with your Apache VirtualHosts. Could you post them here?

www.site1.com seems to be the default server in your Apache configuration. If Apache doesn’t recognize the the ServerAlias it will redirect to the default server. When the WordPress installation at www.site1.com recieves a request for test.site2.com it doesn’t exist. This then triggers the redirect to the signup page.

Make sure your VirtualHosts contain:

ServerAlias *.site1.com

And of course change *.site1.com to *.site2.com for the other VirtualHost.

In general, if you want to disable the redirection to the signup page, you can set NOBLOGREDIRECT in your wp-config.php files:

define( 'NOBLOGREDIRECT', 'http://example.com' );
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