Which easy / simple server monitoring tools / services exist ?

June 2, 2016 3.5k views
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So, I've set up my droplet (lemp) and configured it completely. DigitalOcean offers unmanaged services, which means I would like to ad a server monitoring tool / service.

I was wondering if someone could recommend some good monitoring tools / services ... Even external paid services are an option for me ... as long as adding it and working with it is quick and easy ...

Another question I have : ofcourse these tools / services have to collect data from the server .... does this have an effect on the speed of operation of the server ? (as in : making it a little slower overall ?) ...


2 Answers

If you're looking for more than monitoring but less than a full on control panel like webmin, Serverpilot has a free tier: https://serverpilot.io/

you can use newrelic to monitor your application and server. even the free subscription gives you enough insight.
and the notification on server downtime, high CPU/ RAM usage or slow application performance is quite useful.

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