Which region to choose for Brazil?

April 16, 2014 8.7k views
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Try running a speedtest to see which gives you the best.

AMS1: http://speedtest-ams1.digitalocean.com/
AMS2: http://speedtest-ams2.digitalocean.com/
NY1: http://speedtest-ny1.digitalocean.com/
NY2: http://speedtest-nyc2.digitalocean.com/
SFO1: http://speedtest-sfo1.digitalocean.com/
SGP1: http://speedtest-sgp1.digitalocean.com/

You can also ping the hostnames to measure the latency.
Ping times from Sao Paulo:

AMS1: Average = 228ms
AMS2: Average = 244ms
NY1: Average = 156ms
NY2: Average = 162ms
SFO1: Average = 229ms
SGP1: Average = 415ms

Brgds Patrick

Please, we need a sao paulo datacenter… 150-170ms it’s not good enough.

Hi JT,

Thanks for the fast reply!
Problem is I'm not from Brazil but am building a website for Brazilian audience.
What else could I do to find out which region is the closest?

The closest location would be New York. Next up would be either San Fransisco or Amsterdam, depending on where the user(s) are in Brazil. Though the difference is likely negligible in that case.

Current average ping times from Sao Paulo:

NYC2 150ms
NYC3 156ms
NYC1 168ms
TOR1 174ms
SFO1 181ms
SFO2 181ms
LON1 217ms
AMS3 226ms
AMS2 227ms
FRA1 237ms
SGP1 367ms
BLR1 385ms

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