Why not using discourse.org?

September 12, 2014 1.8k views

Just wondering...

Why did you build everything from scratch? It's not even all that different at all.

1 Answer

We're big fans of Discourse! It's already the best forum software out there, and it's only getting better. Though we're going for something a bit different here. We're part content library with tutorials and part Q&A site. So the focus isn't the same. It's kind of like asking Jeff Atwood why he created Discourse when he already had StackExchange.

We also have plans to integrate our community site more tightly with the rest of our platform. For instance, we have some work under way that will allow users to share custom images which will be linked to the user's profile in the community.

  • I see, I think I was misdirected by the "/community". Forums and Q&A are indeed quite different. ;)

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