Will kubernetes have autoscaling by default?

Posted August 22, 2018 10.6k views

When Kubernetes comes out will it have automatic autoscaling like GKE?


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“DigitalOcean Kubernetes does not yet support auto-scaling.”

I do hope from the phrasing that DigitalOcean will support auto-scaling in the future, but for now it does not.

Another update from a recent interview: DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes: An Interview with the Experts
“Autoscaling is also in the works; both for the cloud service itself and the managed Kubernetes offering. Autoscaling will automatically add or remove droplets from clusters as application resource requirements change.”

If this statement from the article is true, then it will be cluster autoscaling that is in the works!

Hi. Any updates on this? How cloud manager will make this autoscaling of droplets?

Update from their blog: ’[We] plan to bring new cluster metrics, token-based authentication, a container registry, autoscaling, role-based access control support integration, support for deploying and managing workloads and other resources via the DigitalOcean UI, and the ability to upgrade your Kubernetes version automatically over the course of this year.

I can’t wait for them to implement autoscaling sometime this year in 2019!

Not so sure why the marketing docs say “scale automatically” if the cluster cannot scale automatically. Good to know they are working on it, but the marketing blurb was confusing to me which is how and why I ended up here

  • So they’ll automatically scale your pods, but not your nodes (servers).

    Basically, if you have one service that is getting a lot of use and another that is not, it will scale down the pods for the less used service and increase the capacity of the frequently used service.

    That’s how they get away with saying “autoscaling”. It’s pretty dishonest in my opinion though, because it won’t actually scale as in add servers. It will scale to the point you already have servers.

    I think they’re working on it here

    Not sure how close they are or how big of a priority it is to them.

    • Yeah for sure, I feel the same way. GKE offers vertical pod autoscaling, horizontal pod autoscaling and node (cluster) autoscaling. I think DO needs to clarify this point so people know what they are getting.

A digital Ocean Provider was added to the kubernetes autoscaler , not sure how to enable it though