Wordpress & Server Pilot Installation Problem

July 21, 2016 2.6k views
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Hey, I’m a new customer of Digital Ocean, I’m facing so many problems from the last couple of days, actually, I’ve just created a new droplet and connect with a server pilot and added my Godaddy domain to it. I’ve done all the things that mention in the supports article but still my site is not working.

4 Answers

Which type of error your are facing?

Actually, I’m getting an error in server pilot ; (Server Not Connected). I’ve already contacted server pilot stuff but they are saying that It is a problem in your droplet.

Just made a droplet and connected it with serverpilot, no problems at all.
Please post a link to the guide you are using.

Hey Thankyou all for helping me! my domain is now live and working!

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