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    How to change the hostname of your server

    Hi all, How to change the hostname of your server, this is what we'll be reviewing today. I've been going through the Q&A section here in DigitalOcean and noticed a really popular question about hostnames and how to c...
    Accepted Answer: To change the hostname of your server, you'll need to follow 4 quick and easy steps. Let's begin: Enter your Droplet Firstly, you'll need to SSH to your Droplet with either root or a sudo user. You can do that using t...
    1 By KDSys DigitalOcean Ubuntu 18.04 CentOS
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    Address Bar Shows Padlock with Red Line . . Used LetsEncrypt

    I (think I) installed SSL using LetsEncrypt 72 hours ago, & still have a padlock with a red line through it, which appears in firefox, chrome, safari, & brave browsers. EricNyc.Rocks, a wordpress website, seems to fun...
    1 By ericlindellnyc Security DNS
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    How do I setup web server for multiple docker containers?

    I have setup automated deploying of my three web app projects on docker container on my DO server. Now the problem is, how do I setup nginx or apache to send the right domain to the right container?
    0 By oudamsith Nginx Docker Container Apache
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    about getoutline

    hello , i just try to make VPN with getoutline , and i setup all setting , but when i make the connection => unidentified network and internet down !! any help please ,
    0 By dxujdc DigitalOcean
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    How do I set up my react app routes with nginx?

    I got some nginx code from Question ( which makes my proxy work, but I'm not sure what it's actually doing, ex...
    0 By davidalexthompson Nginx React Ubuntu 18.04
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    Choosing a Droplet size for spikes in web traffic

    Hi, I am building a WordPress website for a client that periodically runs sweepstakes on their website. When they announce the sweepstakes they expect to get anywhere from 2-6k users visiting the site at a time. I am ...
    1 By solidsnake WordPress LAMP Stack Ubuntu Solutions PHP MySQL
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    How to load data to PostgreSQL managed database via public api in a loop

    I want to load data via public api. Data comes in chunks, so the loop is needed to do the job. The simplest option is writing the script like ``` DO $$ BEGIN FOR counter IN 1..5 LOOP copy weather_json FROM PROG...
    0 By quazerro PostgreSQL DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database
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    Getting 403 Forbidden from Spaces when using CURL from droplet

    I'm downloading images from my spaces using CURL on a droplet. It was working for awhile but now I'm getting a 403 Forbidden response. I've tried setting the CORS policy to * and headers to *, but it doesn't seem to w...
    1 By teel002 DigitalOcean Spaces
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    Creating docker containers for dev and prod with multiple postgres databases

    I'm trying to create 2 docker containers one for dev and one for prod using docker-compose. The two containers should be linked to separate postgres databases. I tried the following, but it seems to create just one co...
    0 By hsenoussi Docker PostgreSQL
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    Host two Mail server in docker on one IP

    Hello! I would like to run two seperate Mail servers in docker containers. Each one for a domain. But both will use the same ports and I have only one public IP... (It's like hosting two webseites both on port 80 wit...
    0 By jonnys17 Docker Nginx
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    Root domain not working, subdomains working

    Hello I have registeredthe domain on the and moved it to Digital Ocean DNS servers and I created an A record for the root domain. More than 48 hours have passed, but my domain is unavailable. Subdomains that I...
    1 By thisisglodboy Nginx DNS
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    What is the difference between creating your own Docker on ubuntu droplet and use Docker from marketplace?

    So I created both. It seem like docker droplet from the market place is just ubuntu preinstall with Docker. Am I right?
    2 By oudamsith Initial Server Setup Docker
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    My django app font fies from DO spaces are not working in any browser.

    The font files are seen in the browser that they exist from the DO spaces cdn but they are not working in any browser. I even added the cdn links of the font-files directly into the css @font-face rules but its not st...
    1 By cyberposh Django
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    Supabase Postgres 0.12.0 on Ubuntu 18.04 - no response on port 3000

    I installed Supabase into a droplet, but cannot access port 3000 remotely in order to interact with the install. Accessing Postgresql works just fine over port 5432 with an "accepting connections" response on the serv...
    2 By peterLobster Ubuntu 18.04 PostgreSQL
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    New to Javascript and working on a Workday Scheduler project

    I am new to coding and working on a javascript project. I am trying to setup a change in "class" attribute (change of background color) in a textarea. The change should happen according to time of day which I am acces...
    0 By bpr59 JavaScript
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    Let's Encrypt ACMEv2 Update - Apache - Ubuntu 17.10

    Hello guys, I am trying to update certbot 0.17.0 since i have received Let's Encrypt e-mail. Followed another posts here but no sucess at all. certbot: error: unrecognized arguments: update_account Please advise. Thanks
    1 By mackcomp Let's Encrypt
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    How can I set up a Load Balancer for my Expressjs based application?

    I've set up a load balancer that is picking up my droplets by tag, however, they are always showing as a status of "down". I am pointing the load balancer directly to my nodejs APIs, without Nginx or anything sitting ...
    0 By devcshort DigitalOcean Managed Load Balancers Load Balancing Node.js API
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    ERROR when deploying mutiple Wordpress Sites

    I have 3 wordpress sites deployed using helm. When I try to deploy a 4th, I get the following error: error while running "VolumeBinding" filter plugin for pod "wp4-wordpress-59b6ffcb8b-phrtn": pod has unbound immediat...
    1 By crewze Kubernetes
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    Poor fsync performance on DO Block Storage

    Hi there! I have noticed very poor MySQL (InnoDB) performance on my droplet. I am running MySQL (Percona Server) 5.6 with fine tuned config. Database directory placed on BlockStorage. I used fio utility to test BlockS...
    0 By vasval MySQL Block Storage Storage
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    How to remove ssl from database.

    The application Im using doesn't support database ssl. How can I remove it from my managed database instances?
    0 By jsbroks PostgreSQL