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    how to increase / directory size using block volume storage

    basically my VPS has 25GB storage under root / and 100GB storage mounted under /mnt/volumenyc301 What I want is, total 125GB storage accessible under root / how can I do that?
    0 By AnoopKakkur Linux Basics Linux Commands
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    Followed the tutorials to the letter, server still won't accept my SSH keys.

    I followed the tutorials both for OpenSSH keys AND PuttyGen keys. ht...
    1 By austincapobianco Security DigitalOcean
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    Is it possible to host a website on DO that is made with Webflow?

    I have been looking for info everywhere and am not able to find anything. I am wondering if anyone could tell me if it is possible(and hopefully not too tricky?) . I am fairly new to website development btw.
    0 By UncleCassowary Nginx DigitalOcean Getting Started
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    Why was the lamp-18-04 slug used for the new 20.04 image?

    I just suffered a ~1 hour server outage on a routine redeploy due the the image slug lamp-18-04 actually deploying Ubuntu 20.04. You can see in the screenshot ( that the Digital Ocean API r...
    0 By razorx Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 20.04 LAMP Stack
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    Can't upload wordpress theme.

    Hello, why can't I upload a theme to my WordPress site? I've changed the filesizes but I can only upload a child theme but I get an error "The link you followed has expired. Please try again." when uploading the paren...
    1 By brianallen714 WordPress
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    how can i reduce my website server response time?

    I'm using WordPress cms and my website runs on 15$ plan 3core 1gb ram, 25GB Disk, CentOs, also using a cyber panel for Cpanel. when I open my website any content or post it will take 3 seconds more send a request on s...
    1 By Araf PHP DigitalOcean High Availability CentOS Server Optimization
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    Email unable to send, but can receive

    Got some issue with my newly setup droplet. Looks like I can't send any email to any address. Below is one of the testing I've made. ``` This is the mail system at host THIS IS A WARNING ONLY. YOU DO N...
    1 By Paskal Email
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    Sync to Spaces Re-uploads every time

    I have tried both rclone and aws s3 sync commands to sync data from my server to spaces. Both upload fine, but on subsequent syncs, the data re-uploads again. This is a big problem as I have over 500GB data spanning 2...
    0 By marcpope Object Storage Storage
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    How to set up LetsEncrypt if our domain is registered elsewhere?

    How to set up LetsEncrypt if our domain is registered elsewhere? Currently registered through NameCheap
    1 By steveClam Let's Encrypt
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    Ubuntu 20.04 droplet won't boot - grub_calloc grub2 error

    Tried to reboot my ubuntu 20.04 droplet to reset the root password, but it won't boot - grub2 is stuck at grub rescue> When you try to load common or linux.mod (or any consequential modules, the ones that give you th...
    1 By jnn Ubuntu 20.04 Linux Basics DigitalOcean API and CLI (doctl)
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    Droplet stopped working unexpectedly

    Today, my droplet stopped working for exactly 5 minutes; during this time, all of my applications disconnected. I can confirm that the droplet was not out of resources, and application logs do not show any errors, exc...
    1 By Aiden74 DigitalOcean Node.js Ubuntu 18.04
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    SSH Why do 4 Keys Remain to Be Installed Instead of 1?

    I was following the instructions here to set up ssh login to my ubuntu server. Does it matter that ssh-copy-id says "ssh-copy-id:...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @timconwell, This should not be a problem, it just means that you have more than 1 public key stored in your .ssh folder. To verify this, you can run the following command: command ls -lah ~/.ssh Hope that t...
    1 By timconwell Ubuntu 20.04 Initial Server Setup
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    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$table_prefix' (T_VARIABLE) in C:\xampp\htdocs\superlative\wp-config.php on line 66

    ``` Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$tableprefix' (TVARIABLE) in C:\xampp\htdocs\superlative\wp-config.php on line 66 this is the line 66 below define( 'NONCESALT', 'v-$s(N;Bt)34 cQ%-m|/8qa3g$,jJ3H;@AnBXK...
    1 By khennygbade Ubuntu PHP
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    As i was following i cant get to redirect from non www to the www. i still get the "Welcome to nginx!" when i...
    1 By nlubkov Nginx
  • Question

    After Emergency Droplet Migration Droplet not work anymore

    Last night DigitalOcean did an "Emergency Droplet Migration 2020-08-13 00:00:00" without any information upfront. So we had no chance to switch our production node.js service to an other droplet or hoster. Now we have...
    1 By admin75ded3cba5327ad5f99b2 Ubuntu Node.js MongoDB
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    Emails are being blocked by hotmail

    Emails I am sending are being blocked by hotmail. Here is the mail log error message: to=<>,[]:25, delay=0.15, delays=0.01/0.01/0.1/0....
    2 By jeffWhale Email
  • Question

    Unexpected billing after downgrade droplet

    Hello, Yesterday, I decided to move from 40$/month server to 5$/month. The time that I destroy the 40$/month drop let my bill for this month was 16.01$. Today, I noticed the bill is increasing unexpectedly as I change...
    1 By Sam80 DigitalOcean Billing
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    I can access via ip but not with common domain

    Our domain is from Godaddy, we have change dns as told and got confirmed from go daddy that the dns is changed. But we keep getting 404 github error when we login. We also have put the correct domain on digital ocean...
    1 By nongbushim Getting Started DigitalOcean DNS
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    Error "Table Prefix" must not be empty."

    Hello, I have command line access only to my sql database on wordpress vps. I am ssh'ing into it and was wondering if I don't have phpMyAdmin is there any way to view the table prefix for my database. I need this...
    1 By jweinstein86 MySQL
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    Droplet slow and inaccessible

    I have a droplet with Discourse on it. Yesterday I rebooted it (Ubuntu had the usual nag about rebooting). Now everything is super slow and I can neither ssh in or even get the Digital Ocean console to connect. I've b...
    3 By peterbackgren Ubuntu 16.04