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    Error 404 after install phpmyadmin in Ubuntu 16 with Nginx

    Hi, I have Ubuntu 16 with Nginx and PHP 7.2 (now 7.4 too) running BigBlueButton (that works well) with MongoDB. I have installed Mysql 5.7 and phpmyadmin. But I have tryied everything with DO tutorials and have read a...
    0 By alexisacm72 Ubuntu
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    Windows Putty with authorization keys not WORKING

    Hi There, I have tried all the Tutorial about how to enable a WINDOWS Client connect with SSH after generate keys. I could add the public key to the DROPLET using : cat ~/.ssh/ | \ ssh username@ "...
    0 By WilliamRails Networking
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    How to setup Amazon DKIM check

    I need to setup CNAME like this Name | Type | Value ------------- | ------------- | ------ | CNAME | | CNAME |
    0 By spolischook DNS
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    Problem with s-nail

    I followed all the steps, but when type "s-nail" show me this message s-nail: /home/myuser/Maildir: Is a directory If i type "sudo s-nail" this message s-nail: /var/mail/root: No such entry, file or directory s-nail v...
    0 By wasabidevelopment DigitalOcean Initial Server Setup Email
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    Senha de root no terminal.

    Existe algum meio de conseguir o acesso de root no terminal ou no painel da Digital Ocean quando não lembrar-se dessa senha?
    0 By viliamrolnik Solutions
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    Nodejs connecting to managed mysql database ERR: connect ETIMEDOUT

    Hi, my nodejs has connect ETIMEDOUT error. i wonder what is happening. this is my connection on my nodejs var mysql = require('mysql'); var con = mysql.createConnection({ host: "db-mysql-xxx-xxx-do-user-xxx-0.a.db...
    0 By legihendra7 Node.js DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database
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    Timeout after connect (your server may be slow or overloaded)

    I've been using my droplet for over a year now, running nginx on an Ubuntu 18 system. I use Let's Encrypt to automatically renew SSL certificates, but I started receiving errors for the renewal process. Thus, I asked ...
    0 By PennyWise94 Ubuntu 18.04 Nginx Let's Encrypt
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    Possible to install LAMP alongside one-click Discourse droplet?

    Getting Discourse to work was proving incredibly difficult so I just opted for the one-click droplet for Discourse. Is it possible to install LAMP on the same droplet for the purposes of running an HTML or WordPress f...
    0 By orbitstorm88 LAMP Stack One-Click Install Apps
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    How can I host 2 Python3 discord bots simultaneously on a single droplet?

    Hey, I have been wondering how to host 2 Python3 discord bots on a single droplet at the same time, how could I do this?
    0 By athonal2019 Python Ubuntu
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    config setup for the wordpress file in sites-available

    Sorry but I am having a little issue after following this guide. It seems to be coming from the config file that Nginx uses to locate WordPress My current syntax is: ``` server { location = /favicon.ico { log_not_foun...
    1 By stealthman WordPress Nginx LEMP Ubuntu 18.04
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    How to setup a subdomain for same/current domain on my WordPress Droplet

    Back in mid-October 2019, I made the jump from to hosting my blog on Digital Ocean using a WordPress Droplet (I followed these instructions I did no...
    1 By mossjon314159 WordPress Apache
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    How to setup two different apps on a single droplet through two different subdomain?

    Hi, im trying to make this work since last 4 days.. Can anybody guide me pls. 1) I have domain using a nameserver outside digitalocean. 2) Through DNS management i create "A Record" of and s...
    1 By legihendra7 DNS Vue.js Node.js Nginx Laravel
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    Digital Ocean marketplace custom application hosting

    I have built a custom application which runs on a kubernetes cluster. I tested out a wordpress application on a kubernetes cluster from the digital ocean marketplace. The database and the application was automatically...
    0 By josecl Custom Images Clustering Configuration Management Initial Server Setup DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes
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    Expose Kubernetes service over VPC

    Hi, I have 2 Kubernetes clusters in the same VPC. One of those clusters has a database running (let's call it cluster A). I'd like to access that database from the other cluster (let's call this one cluster B). Now, I...
    0 By bartv Kubernetes DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes Networking
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    No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.

    Access to XMLHttpRequest at '' from origin '' has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: No 'Access-Con...
    1 By supportbc1965e07fd043df06e Angular Java PostgreSQL
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    How to point separate load balancers to one droplet

    Given: - 3 load balancers - 1 droplet (k8s) I point load_balancer_1 to the droplet_1 in the DO interface. The issue: But I can't point load_balancer_2 and load_balancer_3 to the droplet_1 in the DO interface. Temporar...
    0 By vitaliiCoral Load Balancing Kubernetes
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    Standard plan droplet ip shared or not

    Is the IPv4 address given to me by "standard plan droplet" shared with other users droplets that I share the server with? Or is it dedicated just for my droplet?
    1 By selamisahhh DigitalOcean
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    Change kubernetes region

    I don't understand how to change region for kubernetes cluster
    1 By booyokkk Kubernetes DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes
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    How to Rewrite home page url in Varnish

    Hi, I have configured varnish with Magento 2.3.x and its working fine with the sub folders and pages. However, when I open in the browser it gives me 503 error. But works fine. What I ...
    0 By afree CentOS
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    Let's Encrypt for sub domains

    I have created multiple subdomains(, etc) and pointed them to different load balancers. How would i be able to provide SSL for all the subdomains and main domain through DigitalOcean's Let's...
    1 By demonoid92 Let's Encrypt