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    How to point GoDaddy Domains to DigitalOcean (year 2020)

    Hi, I have a domain name from GoDaddy and want to host my website on DigitalOcean. I followed instructions such as "What should my DNS be (
    0 By unitydigital DigitalOcean Accounts
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    How do I deactivate my account? It doesnt let me and I am not using it by now

    How do I deactivate my account? It doesnt let me and I am not using it by now. deleted everything, but when i try to deactivate it just says "Sorry, there is a problem" and doesn't let me deactivate
    0 By joseluiscarrion DigitalOcean Accounts
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    Remove only_full_group_by from sql mode

    Hello. I'm trying to remove onlyfullgroupby from sql mode but in the MySQL droplet settings UI there is no onlyfullgroupby to remove. Although when I connect to the DB from command line and I run command SELECT @@sql...
    0 By kwstasna3 MySQL
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    Downloading private files from Spaces CDN using boto3

    I just enabled CDN access for my Spaces and was previously using the following to download private objects from the buckets using boto3: ```code S3REGION = 'sfo2' S3ENDPOINT = '' S3_...
    0 By gnickm DigitalOcean Spaces
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    does anyone use digitalocean spaces and how is the image loading performance?

    i am using a digitalocean spaces. i have enabled the basic cdn also but images is loading so slow. spaces is in ny3. anyone who uses spaces how is the performance of image loading. need help. thank you
    0 By lilboat Object Storage
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    COPY command from another droplet

    I have a setup with an auto configured Postgres database, and a regular droplet ubuntu server. I wish to copy a file from the server to the postgres db. However when I run the sql command COPY table name from file.cs...
    0 By tomsuterj PostgreSQL
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    Wildcard subdomains with ssl via load balancer

    I am developing a SAAS platform and require a subdomain for each signup, in theory it would be possible to create a new record for each subdomain as someone signs up but this creates overhead that doesn't exist if wil...
    0 By sneddo Kubernetes Load Balancing
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    I've activated an SSL cert on a WordPress droplet, but the HTTPS site still forwards to the old Godaddy landing page.

    I bought a domain through Godaddy and set up a landing page. Last week, I configured a DO droplet with SSL from LetsEncrypt (the automatic one on the WP droplet), used DO's nameservers on GoDaddy, and everything is wo...
    0 By delwiiin DNS
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    How to run 2 flask apps and Nginx using a single docker-compose

    I'm looking to run 2 flask containers and 1 Nginx container using one docker compose file but keep getting 404 errors. Tried following a number of tutorials but still no luck. Below is my docker compose file along wi...
    0 By demonlamagra Docker Nginx
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    How do I update the DO Docker droplet to enable ports 80 and 443?

    I have set up new droplet using the DO droplet ( ( The documentation says that the default firewall for the Docker One-...
    0 By bsscdt Docker
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    Unable to ping my new droplet

    This is a second time I create droplet on digital ocean, and I didn't remember this problem on first time. I created droplet with ipv4: and I unable to ssh to it, and I unable even to ping it.
    1 By dmitrymalugin Conceptual
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    I think my droplet is unable to connect with the internet...

    I tried to update the system but it says.. fail to fetch and all. After that I ran ping It returns.. ping: failure in name resolution Also I'm not able to reach my website whi...
    0 By anurag1004 DigitalOcean
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    Easy Droplet + Webspace Question

    I've created a droplet and added 2 domains on my control panel, (1A/3NS/1SOA) & (3NS/1SOA) ... same nameservers. In plesk I've added a new webspace is this ok? I've also added a new...
    0 By helloSquid Ubuntu 18.04 Applications
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    how can i install new droplet from snapshot and upgrade resources?

    4 GB Memory / 80 GB Disk / FRA1 - Ubuntu 18.04.3 (LTS) x64
    0 By ahmedfarrag Drupal
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    how can i fix my problem to my site???

    please help... i have many project using digital ocean with laravel
    1 By r164 MySQL
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    Add PHP to server block configuration file with Reverse Proxy

    I am trying to install PHP and I in the final step of server block configuration file. The situation is I already updated the /etc/nginx/sites-available/default with working Reverse Proxy. How modify my file to add PH...
    1 By kaizendevar Nginx
  • Question

    Getting a 502 Bad gateway error?help?

    After changing nameservers to digitalOcean and adding an a record to point to my ip address, i got the 502 badgateway error.ALso getting an error that says failed to connect to upstream.Everything was working untili a...
    1 By petergitz DigitalOcean Accounts
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    changing Domain names to point on digital ocean destroy my website?

    I am trying to follow the tutorial on running flask application on my digital ocean instance. The tutorial says that I need to have a domain name that points on my digital ocean account and is is asked that I go to th...
    1 By mizo DigitalOcean Accounts
  • Question

    Add extra domain to litespeed droplet

    Hey, I am new to this VPS thing and got one machine, DNS and certificates running already. Seems quite simple so far but I need to add more domains to one droplet. I read from some tutorials about vhosts but there was...
    1 By Rahikkala Apache Control Panels Configuration Management Getting Started
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    How to install manually phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu?

    It is usually recommended to use distribution packages when possible - they usually provide integration to your distribution and you will automatically get security updates from your distribution. You can find a coll...
    Accepted Answer: There are a few ways of installing phpMyAdmin as described in the official documentation here: However I've been using another method which is a bit more convenient for...
    1 By bobbyiliev MySQL PHP LAMP Stack Apache