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    Pointing DNS record (A) to specific part of my Droplet

    I'm running a simple backend using Python (flask) and I have set up an api which returns something on my droplet. I can access it by: http://<droplet-ip>/<app_route>. This works great but for the sake of not just givi...
    0 By 332006 API Networking
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    Getting a timeout when deleting file from Spaces bucket

    I synced two directories in the same bucket manually through s3cmd. Now one file in the destination directory is not publicly accessible. I cannot delete it, rename it or get more info on it through either the webinte...
    0 By sstomp DigitalOcean Spaces
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    How To Set Up SSL Sertificate from Namecheap.

    I bought a SSL Certificate from Namecheap and its startswith --- begin cerfiticate --- etc. and I don't know the next step to activateit to my domain for example: I have to files .crt and .ca_bundle and digitalocean a...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, Installing an SSL on your Droplet provides an increased level of security for your users - and there are two options we recommend for getting that done. First, if you wish to install an SSL from an SSL provide...
    2 By islertalha Ubuntu 20.04 Linux Commands Linux Basics Let's Encrypt
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    how do i read and write from/to .json file in a html with javascript tag (<script><script>) ???

    how do i acses .json from a html page with javascript code ? i know how with node but not how with reg js ??? please help y
    1 By yosefrosner123 Development JavaScript
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    Droplet renewal

    Is the renewal of the droplet done automatically according to my balance in the wallet? I added 5 dollars to my account, I would like to know if these 5 dollars are already going to my project, preventing the droplet ...
    3 By matheuspaalma Billing DigitalOcean Accounts
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    Trying to figure out how to implement Jest with Vue which is loaded from a CDN on Apache. This is not clear in this article.

    Not everyone uses Node. I am creating an application purposely independent of Node. It's a standalone code exercise, so it must be able to run on any server... I am loading Vue through a CDN. How do I implement Jest f...
    0 By stephanief010 Vue.js
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    Login to Console

    Hello how do I find my credentials to log into the console? I have the emailed password but I do not know how to find the login username, the first option you enter before the password. How do I find or make this? Tha...
    1 By leandroizqvallejos DigitalOcean
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    Help with Key Management Needed

    Hello, I need help with Digital Ocean Key Management and AWS KMS. Question 1. I do not understand if there is a Key Management Service in digital ocean. I have seen Userify but have found that it only does ssh keys. Q...
    0 By mrawesomekid1 DigitalOcean
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    Keep getting 500 error after enabling SSL

    I spun off a new droplet & migrated the DNS. The website worked fine, went ahead and added SSL from Lets Encrypt following the steps here: Managed to successfully fo...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @adnantlkn, What I could suggest is checking your Nginx error log file for that domain name for some more information besides the generic 500 Nginx error. To do that you can run the following command: command...
    1 By adnantlkn DNS Deployment
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    Install and secure phpmyadmin with Nginx LEMP stack on Ubuntu 20.04

    As I was following this tutorial, in lack of a DO tutorial existing about installing phpmyadmin on Ubuntu 20.04 with a LEMP stack, I couldn't get php...
    2 By katovonkatz LEMP Ubuntu 20.04 PHP Nginx
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    how to add an instance method to Array class in ruby

    After adding an instance method to Array class in a Ruby module, it is not found as an instance method when called!
    1 By wqzrp24 Ruby
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    Keep the community question space clean

    I have a more meta-type of question. So I submitted a question to the community, but it was not very neatly formulated and the answers were not sufficient.
    Accepted Answer: Hi @katovonkatz, I think in this case it would actually be best if you posted an answer to your own question, the original one. A simple summary and a link pointing users to the updated answer would be best here. You ...
    1 By katovonkatz Ubuntu 20.04
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    Why does my server login say I have new mail?

    I logged in to a new session and on my screen was the following message: You have new mail. Last login: Mon Sep 28 19:07:33 2020 from ****** Where is this mail that it is coming up on the server, and how do I check it...
    1 By conwayphelps Linux Basics
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    Backing up MongoDB AWS EC2 to S3

    Hi Team, Myself balaji, I tried to backup the mongodb database to s3 bucket, everything went well and good and the backup file stored in the s3 bucket also(security: disabled). But when i tried to backup the database ...
    1 By balaji10504 MongoDB DigitalOcean Backups Ubuntu 16.04 Solutions
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    502 Bad Gateway - Nginx

    I have three websites built with Vue/Nuxt hosted on the digital ocean with nginx reserve proxy. I check all websites every day and everything was working fine till yesterday. But today, I found a "502 bad gateway" err...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @aashaytrivedi1, I doubt the issue has occurred due to the migration itself however if you are uncertain, I'll recommend just asking in it. Additionally, the message should say if any strange behaviours are to be ...
    2 By aashaytrivedi1 Nginx
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    How to create folder in Selenoid droplet? And using that folder upload and download files

    In the Selenoid droplet I want to create a folder and using that folder I'll upload files and download files. The process of upload and download files will be done via selinium test script. Is it possible in the selen...
    Accepted Answer: Hey! Thanks for the question. Your best bet would be to contact the makers of that 1-Click App, Aerokube, at Let us know if you have any other questions.
    1 By sriramStarfish One-Click Install Apps
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    spamd: server killed by SIGTERM, shutting down

    Hi, I'm receiving this warning every day: spamd: server killed by SIGTERM, shutting down I searched in google and saw that more people have same warning, but I not found any solution. Why happen this?; this is a error...
    1 By computereleon Email Security
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    How to prepare K8s cluster for the production?

    I'm planning to test K8s on DO by running a few backends (that include api, workers and crons) & frontend applications on it, I've prepared Helm charts for deployment, CI to build images (currently without deploy) and...
    1 By sarjon Kubernetes DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes
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    terraform failed to expose kubernetes service

    I have a kub deployment to expose as LoadBalancer. Created with Terraform, looks good. But when I create a service to expose, it returns empty response all the time. ``` resource "kubernetes_service" "front" { metad...
    2 By TprLab DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes Kubernetes Terraform
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    Very low speed per droplets

    Hello. Very low speed per droplets speedtest: test results Selecting best server based on ping... Hosted by Cox - Omaha (Omaha, NE) [7498.21 km]: 123.423 ms Testing download speed.........................................
    2 By rzninform CentOS 8