Alfred DO

Check the status, reboot, power cycle, shutdown and capture snapshots of your droplets via Alfred

Manage your droplets right from the launcher for OSX.
‘dos’ will return information pertaining to your droplets. You will get back activity status, name, CPUs, RAM, and HDD size. If the droplet is in the middle of a task it will inform you.

After running 'dos’, hold down ctrl to pick a droplet to shutdown.

After running 'dos’, hold down alt to pick a droplet to reboot.

After running 'dos’, hold down cmd to pick a droplet to power-on.

After running 'dos’, hold down fn to pick a droplet to power-cycle.

'sshot’ will check to see which droplets are currently off. If a droplet is not off, it will inform you to power it down first. Select a powered down droplet and hit enter to initiate the snapshot. Snapshots are generated based on the name and date. Example: DropletName-YYYY-MM-DD

by: Frank Spinillo April 10, 2015 Visit Site
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