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A kubectl plugin for opening the control panel page of DigitalOcean resources directly in your web browser.

kubectl-doweb is a kubectl plugin for opening DigitalOcean resources in a web browser. For example, if you have a LoadBalancer Service in your DOKS cluster, this plugin will let you open the corresponding page of the Load Balancer in the DigitalOcean Control Panel.


To use, run kubectl doweb <type> <name>:

  • <type> being the resource type
  • <name> being the resource name. The supported types are: cluster, node (no), service (svc), persistentvolume (pv), and persistentvolumeclaim (pvc).


  • kubectl doweb cluster
  • kubectl doweb node pool-c0yaq2bd6-95th
  • kubectl doweb --namespace nginx-ingress service nginx-ingress
  • kubectl doweb pvc kibana-data-01

Installation and Other Instructions

Please see the project’s GitHub page for detailed instructions on how to install and use it.


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