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MageCloud installs Magento with free theme and extensions in 3 min to Digital Ocean hosting

MageCloud helps store owners and Magento developers launch new Magento stores in less than 10 minutes by installing themes, extensions and deploying everything into the cloud hosting infrastructure.

MageCloud provides more than a hundred of pre-selected Magento themes for various business niches: Magento fashion themes, sports themes, marketplace themes. Most of our themes were optimized to offer the best page loading speed and are mobile-friendly.

MageCloud offers more than 2500 different Magento extensions available for easily 1-click-install setup. Most popular modules from professional Magento providers are at your disposal. If you run multiple stores – our marketplace lets you quickly install required extensions to ALL of your stores in a matter of seconds. If you have a custom module that isn’t available through our marketplace – feel free to install it yourself or use some help from us.

To get started with your new store you have to connect your Digital Ocean hosting account – we connect to your Digital Ocean account using pre-build API and automatically configure droplet for better and faster Magento performance.

Your store will run within your own DO account that is 100% private and secure. You are able to access the store, freely modify the code and build your business the way you want it.

You may disconnect MageCloud from your DO account at any time.

by: Paul RyazanovNovember 28, 2015Visit site

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