Keep track of your server and websites performance and availability.

NIXStats provides a free beta service for domain and server monitoring.

Domain monitoring

  • Checks uptime every minute.
  • If your site is unreachable (either timeout or a HTTP error that’s < 200 or > 400) we will send you an e-mail or notify you via Pushbullet (free) / Pushover (paid)
  • Keep track of your sites’ performance (Time to first byte, Connect time, Total time, DNS resolving)

Server monitoring

  • Monitor linux based servers
  • Keep track of CPU/CPU Steal/Memory/Disk (IO and Usage)/network etc.
  • Process level monitoring
  • Notify when CPU/Memory/Disk (io/usage) is over user based threshold
  • Simple lightweight bash based monitoring agent - use invite code DO when signing up (free beta and will have free package after beta!) and please submit your feedback.

by: Vincent van Megen April 1, 2015 Visit Site
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