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Event driven automation. Events -> rules -> workflow -> actions. API, CLI, GUI, ChatOps.

With StackStorm you defined and share - as code - your operational patterns (“OPS”). Example use cases and of course integrations and OPS are growing at [] .

StackStorm can start with whatever scripts you already have. Once ingested, these scripts and any other actions and rules appear in the CLI, GUI, API and via the “StormBot” ChatOps integration. You can tie these scripts together with one of two flavors of workflow. Or you can use scripts, aka actions, from the community. Puppet integration exists with other integrations on the way and/or use StackStorm to take actions directly.

What does StackStorm do for you? It helps you automate more and more, from CI/CD (including Jenkins integration if needed) through to troubleshooting and remediation and including responses to security events - without incurring the technical debt that script based automation or big proprietary packages cause.

Think of StackStorm as event driven operations - similar to AWS Lambda or event IFTTT - but as open source software and focused on medium to large scale operations automation from applications through to infrastructure.

Take a look and please share with us your feedback.

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