The Agile Deployment Toolkit

This tool can be used to deploy supported CMS systems (currently Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and Moodle) and includes built in scaling.

The Agile Deployment Toolkit is for repeated deployments of CMS based systems. It is extensible and has built in application backup procedures. It can operate in development mode (just a single webserver and a database) and then once development is complete, it can be switched to production which includes the ability to scale out to multiple webservers automatically. Often, developers have to follow lengthy tutorials in order to deploy webservers, databases and so on, this takes care of that automatically so that you can be sure of consistent deployments with no oversights. It allows you to choose which webserver you want to deploy to, from nginx, apache or lighttpd. You are not precluded from altering the standard webserver configurations if you need to. There is a moderate learning curve to be able to use the tool, but, the benefits are consistency and repeatability. The ideal vision would be to have other developers extend the tool to support further CMS systems with the base repositories forming a dependable core of the tool.

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