Tutorial Series

How To Use Bacula on CentOS 7

This series will show you how implement file backups of your CentOS 7 servers using Bacula, the popular open source backup software suite.
  1. How To Install Bacula Server on CentOS 7

    April 15, 2015
    Bacula is an open source network backup solution that allows you create backups and perform data recovery of your computer systems. It is very flexible and robust, which makes it, while slightly cumbersome to configure, suitable for backups in many situations. A backup system...
  2. How To Back Up a CentOS 7 Server with Bacula

    April 13, 2015
    This tutorial will show you how to set up Bacula to create backups of a remote CentOS 7 host, over a network connection. This involves installing and configuring the Bacula Client software on a remote host, and making some additions to the configuration of an existing Bacula...
  3. How To Create Hot Backups of MySQL Databases with Percona XtraBackup on CentOS 7

    April 24, 2015
    This tutorial will show you how to perform a full hot backup of your MySQL or MariaDB databases using Percona XtraBackup on CentOS 7. The resulting database backup can then be backed up to a remote location using rsync, a backup system like Bacula, or DigitalOcean backups. The process of restoring the database from a backup is also covered.