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Machine Learning & AI

Deploy your AI or machine learning applications to process and analyze massive datasets using our API and SSD-based virtual machines. We provide the flexibility your team needs to process and manage big data, offering resources to get you started with distributed processing, database and storage, data streams and pipelines, monitoring and metrics, and data visualization and intelligence.

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We run a Mesos Cluster with HDFS on top of DigitalOcean. This cluster handles our data pipeline, model generation, databases and end-user applications, enabling us to process over 200k requests per second.

Rick O'Toole, CTO & Co-Founder

Developer Tools

Host and run automated testing of your code on DigitalOcean servers. Deploy Droplets in less than a minute to run CI for your environments with tools like JenkinsCI, TravisCI, and Drone. Get comfortable with new tools and set up testing environment to your specifications with our straightforward API.

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While we utilize a 'physical' colocation facility for our production environment, we value the cloud for ad-hoc and staging deployments. We also use DigitalOcean for our off-site production monitoring tools.

Evan Tahler, Director of Technology

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