How and DigitalOcean partner to bring simplicity to the developer experience

“DigitalOcean is a very down-to-earth, helpful and communicative partner. They stretch far to help us be successful in building our business. It’s the best choice for SMBs and startups as they are scaling up” is a SaaS product for software development teams to compose an internal developer platform for any cloud powered by measurable workflows.’s flexible ChatOps and automated CI/CD workflows provide a rich developer experience without hiring additional resources or adopting different tools. Their Developer Control Plane allows developers to run and test their code without managing servers. It also allows developers to create and manage custom Continous Integration/Continous Development (CI/CD) workflows using simple tools like Slack. is a technology partner of DigitalOcean–their customers can easily utilize DigitalOcean for their infrastructure along with’s Developer Control Plane, and the two companies have partnered on joint marketing and sales efforts so that customers can get a fully integrated solution. is committed to improving the developer experience of software development teams, and DigitalOcean’s shared belief in simplifying the developer experience and reducing complexity made DigitalOcean an ideal partner.

A unique technology partnership wants to make it easy for businesses of all sizes to benefit from a good developer experience. Leveraging’s Developer Control Plane and premium, hands-on support services, teams are able to expedite the migration of their complex workloads to DigitalOcean Kubernetes. In addition, provides customers with valuable metrics to measure their development productivity performance.

One of the main advantages of partnering with DigitalOcean is the level of communication and support the team gets from DigitalOcean. feels that DigitalOcean truly wants them to be successful. The two teams have collaborated on events, DigitalOcean has referred customers to, and the leadership team has met with product leaders at DigitalOcean to discuss future collaboration opportunities. In addition to co-marketing, also receives referral benefits from DigitalOcean.

“At the core, is trying to make it easy for all companies to benefit from developer experience and make it easy to measure the impact that has on their software delivery process. DigitalOcean has been built from day one to be developer first and make things easy for developers, and we align with that strongly.”

“With’s migration support, setting up K8s on DO was a breeze” - A popular gaming app

Their customers are building rapidly scaling applications, and are most often leveraging DigitalOcean Kubernetes, and DigitalOcean’s serverless compute offering, DigitalOcean Functions. In addition to alignment around providing simple tools for developers, and DigitalOcean are both dedicated to supporting small and medium businesses, as wants to support digital businesses achieve their goals without adding complexity. As continues to grow its business, they look forward to continued alignment with DigitalOcean.





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