Digital agency Deep Focus uses Cloudways for powerful WordPress hosting

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“Cloudways is literally built for agencies like us. What I really like is that Cloudways makes it easy for me and my team to see how resources are distributed across servers for different projects.”
Robbie Kohli, CEO, Deep Focus

Deep Focus is a digital agency based in New Delhi, India, specializing in WordPress website design, email marketing and web application development. Deep Focus is a MailChimp Pro Partner, and the agency manages more than 200 WordPress websites for clients. They needed a hosting solution that was easy to manage, ensured fast page loads and had a competitive price. After testing Cloudways managed hosting with a few clients, Deep Focus has been impressed with the performance and the 24/7 support.

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High-performance WordPress hosting

Deep Focus has completed over 800 projects for clients in over 40 countries, focusing on end-to-end digital marketing solutions. Companies choose Deep Focus for their strong partnerships with other vendors, their straightforward pricing, and their broad portfolio of completed projects.

“When a client comes to us, we can actually show them a lot of examples of successful projects that are very similar to what they require,” says Robbie Kohli, CEO of Deep Focus. “If a client wants to create a website for their nonprofit, or their yoga studio, for example, we can show them what we’ve done before, so that’s a huge advantage.”

With a strong focus on WordPress web design and management, Kohli is always looking for ways to improve WordPress website performance and increase revenue.

“Loading speed is becoming a huge problem with WordPress, since it’s extremely hungry for resources,” Kohli says. “WordPress has introduced a lot of features, and customers use a lot of plugins, so it needs very specialized hosting.”

Competitive pricing and agency features

Deep Focus uses several different hosting providers, but Kohli wanted to find a hosting provider that could meet their WordPress hosting requirements, lower costs, and provide features that make hosting easier to manage.

“Moving our clients to Cloudways will help us more efficiently manage hosting for them while providing better service, especially when it comes to loading speed,” Kohli says. “I’ve also compared Cloudways pricing with other providers, and Cloudways is extremely competitive.”

While Deep Focus uses DigitalOcean products directly for storage for some clients, Kohli wanted to try Cloudways to save time and simplify processes.

“With DigitalOcean or another self-managed cloud provider, you have to set things up on the command line, which can be tedious” Kohli says. “ When we saw how quickly and easily you can set up a server and install applications on Cloudways, we definitely wanted to try it. On Cloudways, you can install an application in a few minutes.”

Kohli also uses Cloudways because the platform makes it easier for his digital agency to manage and view resources across teams.

“Cloudways is literally built for agencies like us,” he says. “What I really like is that Cloudways makes it easy for me and my team to see how resources are distributed across servers for different projects. We have multiple teams and remote experts managing projects, and with Cloudways it’s really easy for them to see that this particular client has these projects deployed in these applications and servers.”

Advanced caching and speed optimization

Kohli is impressed with Cloudways’ CDN service and advanced caching, which speeds up WordPress website performance and global response times. Cloudways customers can take advantage of the Cloudflare Enterprise add-on with edge caching to get truly outstanding results.

“I always tell my customers that hosting needs to have the four S’s - speed, storage, security and support, “Kohli says. “Hosting providers must provide fast page loading, servers with good storage capacity and protection against hacking. And support needs to be available to solve any issues. Cloudways meets and exceeds all of these requirements.”

Kohli is also excited about deepening his partnership with Cloudways to make his agency more profitable.

“We’re off to a great start,” he says. “And so far the Cloudways’ support has been extremely helpful and courteous. Every time a client has had a question or issue, support has helped me at very short notice, even at times that probably weren’t convenient for them. It’s really unparalleled support that other hosting providers don’t provide.”

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