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Getting started on App Platform

App Platform is fully managed, which means DigitalOcean handles provisioning and infrastructure management, databases, operating systems, application runtimes, and other dependencies. App Platform was built with in-depth knowledge of pain points users encounter while building apps so that now many tasks are abstracted away to make pushing code to production take just a few clicks. Learn more about App Platform:

Static Sites

App Platform offers free hosting for your first three static sites. App Platform automates setup of underlying server infrastructure, allowing you to deploy your static website to the cloud from a GitHub repository without having to tinker with infrastructure details.


As your applications evolve, their infrastructure often needs to as well. Component-based apps encourage use of modular and loosely coupled parts that enable independent scaling, management, and maintenance of the various pieces of software needed to deliver your application.


Being able to scale your database as your application grows is essential to ensuring that your services can access the data they need at any time.

Growing on App Platform

App Platform lets you choose how you want to scale your apps. Scale your application horizontally by increasing the number of containers, or vertically by increasing the container size.

Looking for more?

If you need assistance with large deployments, migration planning or questions regarding a proof of concept, we’ve got you covered.